Sew It Together is an annual event that will be held in June in 2012, on the weekend of June 8-10, 2012.

It brings together sewing and craft bloggers from around Australia (and one year, from NZ and Britain!) in a social setting, designed to bring together online friends to meet face to face.

The main event is the Saturday Crafting Session and a few other events are also planned for the weekend.

Sew It Together was first held in May 2010 in Melbourne, where 65 craft bloggers met, some for the very first time, and exchanged ideas and inspiration.

You can read some of the ‘reports’ from previous weekends here:

Apple and Tangerine

Whippet Good

Miss Moo Makes


It’s The Things That Make You Go Mmmmm

Her Heart My Hands

Material Obsession

Buttontree Lane

Posie Patchwork


Who am I?

I am Sheridan, aka Chaletgirl. I have been blogging for 5 years at Chaletgirl, but I seem to have taken an unintentional break recently. I have also organised the Chaletgirl Block Swap, and both the Around The Block and The Beehive quilting bees. In 2009 I also organised a Vintage Sheet Swap.

You may have met me in the flesh at The Craft Room. I do exist. I am not a 55 year old balding man disguised as a craft blogger. I am not going to steal your money. I am happy to refer you to some other craft bloggers who will be able to verify my existence and (hopefully) my character if you are unsure about parting with your money and booking a trip to Canberra based on my word. Alternatively, have a read of the reports from previous Sew It Together weekends (see above).

For any enquiries, or for references, please contact Sheridan at chaletgirl13@gmail.com.

Here is a photo that my 4 year old son took of me earlier this year. I have beach hair, but now you know what I look like.

25 Responses to “About”

  1. Thea Says:

    HI Sheridan, I just found you from Ric-Rac. This post really made me laugh out loud. What are the dates as I will also be an exhibitor at the Melbourne Stitches and Craft Show.

  2. Susan L Says:

    This sounds like an absolutely wonderful idea … and woo hoo, I’m in Melbourne! Wow, can’t wait to hear more.

  3. Sue Niven Says:

    sound just fantastic!

  4. Monika Says:

    Excellent!! I think I can organise a little trip over from Adelaide for May. What a great idea.

    Will email you for more details.

    cheers :o)

  5. Kate S Says:

    What a great idea- I only just found out about this through Jodies Ric-Rac
    blog. I would love to come but am due to have twins then! Maybe next year…. Is it going to be an ongoing annual event?

  6. Kate S Says:

    Whoops sorry just re-read this page – it does say you hope for it to become an annual event! 🙂

  7. Sarah - rosebarnett Says:

    Sounds fabulous. I’m a Sydney gal but I reckon it might well be worth a trip to Melbourne for this! Thanks for organising.
    x Sarah

  8. miss cinti Says:

    Well who says 55 yo balding men can’t craft! I’m sure there are some crafty guys out there, may be we can find one and bring him along as the token male, hehe!

  9. Mandy Says:

    Ooo please count me in. I have never been on a crafty weekend like this. Do I sign up for all or all the bits separately? Can’t wait, it’s sounds very exciting 🙂

  10. debra Says:

    sounds like a blast…happy creating girls..:)

  11. Posie Patchwork Says:

    I wish Sheridan, sorry my love, stuck in Canberra, love Posie

  12. The Rickety Stitcher Says:

    Wow, Sheridan,
    Melbourne will be buzzing.
    AQC, then Stitches and Craft, then your weekend.
    Who says sport is everything?
    Seriously, is it too late to register for four for the Saturday Crafting Session?
    What does one do and how does one pay

  13. The Rickety Stitcher Says:

    Wow, Sheridan,
    Melbourne will be buzzing.
    AQC, then Stitches and Craft, then your weekend.
    Who says sport is everything?
    Seriously, is it too late to register for four for the Saturday Crafting Session?
    What does one do and how does one pay?
    The Rickety Stitcher

  14. Charity Says:

    I’ve just started learning how to sew & would love to attend this! sounds wonderful! how do I sign up/pay for this? Thanks! 🙂

  15. Jennifer Says:

    Just heard about this – sounds wonderful. I’m not a blogger though 😦

    But the multicultural women’s sewing group I help coordinate has just put in an application for a grant through VicHealth’s TASC scheme (Technology, Arts and Social Connection) hoping to fund some work with learning about computers, internet, and all the crafty connecting possibilities. I want to meet all you people!

  16. Irene Says:

    Just manage to get to know this fantastic meet! The only thing is that I will be due on that week…sigh..Maybe next time…. hope you girls enjoy tho!

  17. Adele Says:

    Hi Sheridan, I am very excited about this! Yay, I’m so glad I found out about it in time. x

  18. Sandra @ Pepperberry & Co. Says:

    Yay! This sounds just marvelous, and I would love to be involved. Send through all the deets!! xxx S

  19. Belinda Says:

    Hi! Are there any more places available? I live in Melbourne so would love to come along – even if it’s just 1 part of the weekend to meet some fellow crafters!

  20. zoe Says:


    Where in Melbourne is it? I would like to come along


  21. Sophie wakefield Says:

    Hi, I only just found out about this event and whilst it is too late for me to attend this year I would love to be kept in the loop about following events! My sister and I are both definitely interested in attending future events in Adelaide, Melbourne or Mildura.

    Thanks so much for putting on such a wonderful event!


  22. Lily Mulholland Says:

    Hi Sheridan, deposit paid 🙂

  23. JoAnn Witherow Says:

    Hello. I just found this site by reading Saffron Craig’s fb post. I am in Melbourne for a few months unfortunately going back to states in March. Perhaps returning to Australia for longer. Would love to attend sometime. Exciting thing you all are doing!

  24. General Info « Sew It Together Says:

    […] This is the place to permanently find details about the Saturday Crafting Session, the Friday  Crafty Shopping Trip and general info about Sew It Together. […]

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