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Our Awesome 2011 Sponsors!

March 30, 2011

I just wanted to remind you, and provide links, for our awesome sponsors this year!

Don’t forget to blog about them, link to them and tell everyone you know how fabulous they are – they all gave you free stuff and asked absolutely nothing in return. Let’s show them how much we appreciate it!


2011 Sample Swap!

January 4, 2011

If you went to SIT Melbourne last year, at some point in the afternoon you might have seen a group of women up near the tea and coffee who appeared to have broken into small groups, formed circles, and done a strange dance around crafty items on the floor. You might have noticed that there was much hilarity and laughter and not long afterwards, they all walked away with a handful of gorgeous handmade items and big happy smiles on their faces.

If you would like to be one of those women this year in Sydney, then this is what you need to know.

Cass’ SIT Sample Swap 2011

Orchestrated by Cass from Snailblazer, the Sample Swap is an ingenious idea that is easy to participate in, and a whole lot of fun.

It works like this:

  • make 5 of the same item
  • bring them all to the Saturday Crafting Session
  • at Sample Swap time, we’ll break into groups of 6 people
  • there will be a circle formed
  • and a weird dance (very important)
  • and you’ll get something from each person in your circle
  • and they’ll each get something from you
  • so you get 5 different handmade items
  • and a big smile.

What items to make for your ‘sample’?

Anything you like! Something sewn, knitted, crocheted, quilted…anything. It can be your signature item, or something new you feel like trying. Last year we had pincushions, tea towels, bags, pouches, covered notebooks, lunch bags, knitted washcloths, needlebooks, tissue covers, handy bags, fabric baskets, brooches and more! That should give you some ideas, but there are no restrictions. It just has to be handmade!

There is no cut off date for this swap, although Cass would like to know by the end of February if you are participating (to get an idea of numbers). Late-comers will be welcome.

Please email Cass directly at and let her know if you will be participating, and also to give her an idea of what you’ll be making so we don’t double up in groups. She can also answer any questions that you have.

Thanks Cass for organising the Sample Swap again! I can’t wait!

What’s in store for Sydney 2011?

January 3, 2011

I know that you’re keen to know what’s planned for Sew It Together in Sydney, so here’s a rundown of what’s on offer. Keep times in mind before you book any flights to and from Sydney!

Remember, before you reserve your place at any of these additional events, you must have reserved your place, and paid your deposit for the Saturday Crafting Session. You cannot attend any of the other events without attending the main event on Saturday 26 March, 2011. You can do that here.

  • Friday Fabric Shopping Trip will be visiting The Remnant Warehouse in Alexandria, the brand-new Calico & Ivy store in Balmain and the Prints Charming studio in Annandale. The bus departs The Menzies Hotel in Carrington Street at 12pm sharp and will return at approximately 5:15pm on Friday 25 March, 2011. Only 24 seats available on the bus. Cost is $32.
  • Friday Prints Charming Stitching Session will be held at the amazingly gorgeous Prints Charming studio in Annandale, Sydney. You’ll spend two hours learning how to embroider one of their beautiful panels, and just enjoying the inspiration you’ll find all around you. If you catch the ‘stitching bug’, you’ll be able to purchase any extra Prints Charming products before you leave. Places *strictly* limited to 15 people. The Session runs from 4:30pm to 6:30pm on Friday 25th March, 2011 and the cost is $70. This includes the lesson, the panel and transfer back to The Menzies Hotel via Maxi Taxi; and the Prints Charming ladies are throwing in some champers so we’re all very relaxed. Bookings are only open to non-Sydney bloggers. {Sorry, but Sydney girls can go anytime – this one is for the visitors only! Please don’t pay if you live in the Sydney Metropolitan Area – I will return your money straight away if you do}. You will need to make your own way, at your own expense, to the Studio at 2 Young Street Annandale if you are not on the Friday Fabric Shopping Trip.
  • Saturday Night Dinner will be held at the Heritage Belgian Beer Cafe, 135 Harrington Street, The Rocks. There is a  3 course set menu (which includes their awesome Mussel Pots), and drinks can be paid for on a cash basis at the bar. You can view the current menu here, although I am advised that it will change slightly between now and March. There are vegetarian options included in the set menu, but if you are even stricter than that (ie vegan), please let me know loud and clear at the time of booking. Saturday 26th March, 2011 at 7:30pm. Cost is $59.00 and includes food only.
  • Sunday Morning at Material Obsession – bus will leave The Menzies Hotel at 9:30am and head straight to Material Obsession for a private shop opening and demonstrations by Kathy Doughty and her team. Come along and explore the store, do some shopping, admire the sample quilts and be inspired by what Kathy and her team are going to show you. The minibus will leave Material Obsession and go directly to the domestic airport for your transfer back home. Please do not book a return flight out of Sydney before 2:30pm. Cost tba and will include the minibus transfer from The Menzies Hotel, and the return trip directly to Sydney Domestic Airport. Numbers will be limited, but will be advised.

I have tried to think of the best of Sydney to show our visitors. I hope that you enjoy any of these options that you decide to attend! Remember, they’re just options – it’s up to you if you come to all of them; or none of them.

Numbers are limited for everything except the Saturday Night Dinner, so I suggest that you do not hesitate reserving your place if you have your heart set on attending something. If you later change your mind, and I can fill your spot, you’ll be entitled to a full refund (excluding the Paypal fee).

Bookings will open for the Friday Fabric Shopping Trip and the Prints Charming Stitching Session soon, so stay tuned!

Sew It Together sponsor – Saffron Craig!

January 2, 2011

I’m delighted to announce that Saffron Craig is to be a sponsor of Sew It Together Sydney 2011!

I first came across Saffron and her gorgeous, unique fabrics a few years ago at the Sydney Quilt Fair and it was so refreshing to see her pretty, pretty stall in amongst the beads and the fake babies. Saffron has been designing her own fabrics for a couple of years now and she has made quite a splash in the fabric world with her colourful fabrics that really are like nothing else on the market.

Saffron’s early fabrics were filled with elephants, fairies, owls and blossoms, followed by Fields, which has the loveliest dandelion and parrot fabrics in pinks, reds and yellows. There is one lone shop in Noosa that sells quilting fabric and they have about 15 bolts (I’m not joking) but luckily about 10 of those are Saffron Craig’s fabrics. Last year I bought a tonne of this one:

and this one:

to make something for Emmeline. I never got around to cutting it, but I have brought it with me again this year, ready with a pattern, and it will be made!

Last year, Saffron was pretty busy, releasing Forest Elementals and Bird Tree, and the most recent addition to Saffron’s range is Beetle Bugs!

They arrived in the shop just before Christmas and I just adore the Snails and Ladders print!

Speaking of Christmas, I’m a little bit late to mention the free Christmas card that you can download from Saffron’s site, but the Free Download section has lots of other great stuff you should check out. Wrapping paper, cards (including some for Valentine’s Day which is NOT that far away) and some instructions to help you make any softie or stuffed shape – a great resource!

I know that Saffron has a huge year planned this year, with lots of fabulous new fabrics. If you would like to keep your finger on the pulse, you can find Saffron’s blog here, Facebook here, Twitter here and, of course, the Shop here.


So I have two exciting things to tell you. Firstly, Saffron herself is coming along to Sew It Together which is wonderful news – I can’t wait to see what she’ll be working on at the Crafting Session!

Secondly, Saffron has generously offered to sponsor Sew It Together in Sydney! She’s going to give you all (yes! all of you!) a sample pack of her fabric – yippeee! And if that wasn’t enough, she’s donating, to the prize pool, a bundle of new fabrics, nice large pieces (5 x 50cm) valued at about $50, probably from one of her new ranges for 2011. And a softie too!

I’d really like to thank Saffron for her enthusiasm and willingness to support Sew It Together. I know that you’re all going to love her fabrics, and I am so happy that you will all get to take some home with you. Thank you, Saffron!

Sew It Together sponsor – Chasing Cottons!

December 5, 2010

Donna and I have a friend who is due to have a baby in January, and it is a tradition of ours to make a quilt (me) and lots of gorgeous matching practical baby accessories (Donna) for the new arrival. This time we decided to use some of my large stash of Heather Ross Far, Far Away II fabrics. At about the time this was decided, somewhere in the internet universe I saw this quilt:

Sand Castles by Chasing Cottons

and I just about died in delight! The serendipity of finding a gorgeous quilt so perfect for a baby girl, made in the same fabrics we had just decided on, meant there was no looking back.

Upon further investigation, I discovered that the quilter was Rebecca Johnson of Chasing Cottons, and not only did she design this beauty, she also wrote a pattern! Gold!

I proceeded to purchase the pattern, wash and dry the fabric…….and that’s about as far as I got. I am a bad, bad friend. I think I’ll be working on this on my holiday. Which sounds like fun anyway. Making Sand Castles at the beach? Perfect!!


So when I received a lovely email from Rebecca recently, offering to become a sponsor of Sew It Together next year, despite being reminded of my inadequacies, I was thrilled!

Chasing Cottons is making a great splash in the pattern business (I’ve seen the patterns over at Pink Chalk Fabrics!), and it’s a breath of fresh air to see these gorgeous patterns, unique patterns, on the market.

Curlicue Crush by Chasing Cottons

The great part is that Rebecca is a local gal, from the NSW Central Coast.

Star Jewels by Chasing Cottons

and you can buy the patterns here in AUD and they are instantly downloadable. I love that concept! I also love the fact that Rebecca uses fabrics that we all know and love.

Bird of Paradise by Chasing Cottons

I asked Rebecca if there was anything in particular she wanted me to tell you about herself and/or Chasing Cottons, and she told me that she is passionate about sewing…she loves it….it makes her happy. Which made me feel all warm and fuzzy…for that’s exactly how I feel, and I know that many of you do too. Sewing is often the thing that keeps us going, through the good times and the bad; it’s a great distraction to keep your mind and fingers busy; and the delight in seeing something created before your eyes can never be underestimated.

Not that I’d know, with my pattern and fabric still sitting neatly on my sewing table.


The fantastic news for you lovely ladies, is that Rebecca is going to give you each a Chasing Cottons quilt pattern in your Sew It Together goodie bag! There’ll be 5 different patterns and you won’t know what you’ll get until you open your goodie bag! (Personally, I’m hanging for the Curlicue Crush or the Bird of Paradise – my favourites!).

And with any luck, we can lure Rebecca herself down from the Central Coast in March to come along to the Saturday Crafting Session. It would be a delight to have her join us!

Thank you so much, Rebecca, for wanting to be a part of Sew It Together; your support and generosity. We hope you’ll be able to join us in March!!

Sew It Together sponsor – Kelani Fabric Obsession!

November 28, 2010

Continuing on my theme of fantastic Australian fabric stores, I am delighted to tell you that Kelani Fabric Obsession is sponsoring Sew It Together next year!

Kelani Fabric Obsession is owned and operated by Elissa, and is an online fabric store based in Australia. Kelani stocks a huge range of  contemporary, modern fabrics perfect for home decorating, children’s decor and crafting and sewing projects.

I always think of Kelani as a local quilt shop, despite it being an online store, because I know that if I want something really quickly – I can pretty much get it from Kelani as quickly as I can get to my local quilt store. Kelani will post your order fast, and especially exciting, FREE. That’s right, you get free standard Australia Post within Australia for purchases over $10. Free! I love free!

What really sets Kelani apart from other online stores, is it’s fantastic range of Australian designed and produced fabrics, the diverse range of fabric types available and the great prices.

At Kelani, you can buy the best of Australian fabrics from Shannon Lamden (Aunty Cookie), Saffron Craig, Kristen Doran, Ink & Spindle, Pippijoe, Prints Charming and Sprout Design. Not only can you find this great range in one place, but you can also buy colourways exclusive only to Kelani. That is, fabrics by these designers that you just can’t buy anywhere else!  From memory, when the girls from Sew It Together 2010 visited the Ink & Spindle studio in May, Lara and Tegan were printing some fabric that was going straight to Kelani, as much as we all wanted to buy it there and then.

Kelani Fabric Obsession offers a huge range of fabric for all your projects. From the best of the American designers, to loads of gorgeous Japanese prints; from home decor weight to laminates, double gauze, voile, flannelette, corduroy and dress fabrics; from denim, linen and minkee to fabulous organic cottons.

Sometimes you just don’t want to fork out for a US flat rate envelope (and, er, fill it to make it worthwhile), and sometimes you just need it really quickly (Kelani also offers an option for Express Post, which is usually guaranteed by Australia to be next day delivery) and if your local quilt shop doesn’t have this kind of range (I can’t think of any fabric shop near me that comes even close to Kelani’s range) or such good prices…..then Kelani Fabric Obsession is perfect for you. And really – you just can’t beat that range of fabric.

But, wait! There’s more! Kelani also stocks patterns and kits, notions and bag supplies, and a fantastic gift ideas section where I could do most of my Christmas shopping. Kelani also accepts orders for custom made cushions! Just choose your fabric form the extensive range and click on the sweet Create A Cushion button for all the options. Fantastic idea!

All in all, Kelani Fabric Obsession is a fantastic store, and one you really should know about (if you didn’t already!). I’m thrilled to tell you that Elissa and Kelani are offering a $50 gift voucher for use at the online store to a very lucky participant at the Saturday Crafting Session. All you have to do to win is come along on the Saturday, and cross your fingers! This will be a very sought after prize, and I am to so thankful to Elissa for her support. Thanks Kelani Fabric Obsession!

Sew It Together sponsor – Material Obsession!

November 27, 2010

Now, sure, I have harped on about the joys of buying your fabric online from the US lately, and the excellent US stores that are sponsoring Sew It Together, but I’m going to turn back to Australia for a little while. Because I mean it when I say that those stores, as cheap and fabulous as they are, just can’t compete with Australian stores for particular things.

Unfortunately, I can’t walk into Pink Chalk Fabrics or Hawthorne Threads and ask them what sashing they’d recommend for some particular quilt blocks. I can’t walk in and get the feel of a Heather Ross sueded poplin, or Anna Maria Horner’s voile. (I couldn’t understand what people meant when they said it felt like butter, until I felt it in a Sydney fabric store. Butter, indeed). I can’t walk in and wander and just breath in the smell of new fabric (oh shut up, I’m sure you like doing that too…don’t you?). I can’t go to classes in their shop, and meet other women who love to sew too, or attend a workshop with visiting experts, and as much as I love those online fabric shops, there’s no smile as I walk in the door. And I love all that about a bricks and mortar fabric store.

Which brings me to one of the more well-known Sydney fabric shops, Material Obsession. Even if you aren’t from Sydney, I’m sure that you’ve heard of Material Obsession thanks to their two popular quilting books, Material Obsession and Material Obsession Two. They have an online store as well if you aren’t in Sydney, and the blog is always chock full of inspiration.

Kathy Doughty, the owner of Material Obsession, is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to quilting, especially with regard to piecing techniques, and, as her books show, thinking outside the box when it comes to putting a modern spin on traditional quilting.

I’m delighted to announce that Material Obsession will be a sponsor of Sew It Together, Sydney 2011, and whilst you’ll be pleased to hear about prizes and free goodies for your showbags (details to come later), what you might be more excited about, is that Kathy and her team are going to come along to the Saturday Crafting Session and run some small group workshops on particular techniques that you might be interested in.

Now the big question that Kathy and I have for you; is what would you like to learn?

We came up with a few ideas that we thought you might be interested in, but golly gosh, we’d love some feedback!

  • Hand-quilting
  • Hand-piecing
  • Piecing 60 degree triangles
  • Piecing Flying Geese
  • Using the Wedge Ruler
  • Half-square triangles

We’d love it if you would leave a comment on this post, and let us know what you’d really love Kathy and her team to show you at the Saturday Crafting Session. If you’ve got other ideas, feel free to let us know and we’ll find a way to find the most popular topics.

There will be no extra charge for the workshop itself, but there may be a cost if you need particular templates, etc, but of course they will be yours and you will take them home with you. In order for you to get the most out of the workshops, I will probably limit numbers for each session, and reservations will be done on a first in, first served basis at some stage before the day itself.

A huge thank you to Kathy who is extremely excited about not only being a participant at Sew It Together (being a blogger herself!) but also about supporting this fabulous event, which this year turned out to be such an amazing experience.

Please give us some feedback! We’re doing this all for YOU!

Sew It Together sponsor – Pink Chalk Fabrics!

November 27, 2010

I mentioned in my post yesterday that I have a few favourite US online fabric stores, and I am so happy to tell you that my other favourite store, Pink Chalk Fabrics, is also sponsoring Sew It Together Sydney 2011!

Kathy Mack is the genius behind Pink Chalk Fabrics, and I have been reading her blog, Pink Chalk Studio, since well before she even started selling fabric. Kathy sews, and designs her own patterns, and her blog is a constant source of inspiration for my crafting, and it came as no surprise that when she started to sell fabric, she sells my kind of fabric.

Pink Chalk Fabrics has grown enormously since it first started with just a small range of fabric for sale. You can now find all your favourite fabric designers and much, much more. Kathy stocks an enormous range of patterns, including a whole section of downloadable patterns where you don’t have to wait for the postman to bring it to you. Now that’s my kind of pattern, because when I want to get started, I want to start NOW.

There’s a book section, with the latest, most gorgeous craft books available, and magazines, including the ever popular Ottobre magazines and Fat Quarterly subscriptions available for purchase.

But back to the fabric….I can’t imagine that there is a fabric that you want that Kathy doesn’t stock. Honestly, it’s just all there. The list of fabrics by designer is longer than my Christmas to-do list (and that is long). Have a look at the colour stacks – piles of co-ordinated fabrics for those of us who find it a challenge doing it ourselves.

The two things that I love the most about Pink Chalk Fabrics, without a doubt, are the Kona solids and the customer service.

I was first introduced, years ago, to Kona Cotton Solids by Pink Chalk Fabrics, when I picked up a fat quarter pack to see exactly what these Kona fabrics were all about. I ended up using these in my Mod Sampler quilt top and fell in love with the huge range of colours. Pink Chalk Fabrics is one of the few places that you can buy a Kona Cotton Colour Card, and trust me when I say that if you use solids, you NEED one of these cards. You’ll never have to worry about choosing a solid colour based on the colour on your monitor.

Now, the huge range of Kona Cotton Solids at Pink Chalk Fabrics makes it my first stop online when I need more. When I needed solid fabrics for my Mondrian blocks for a quilting bee, I went straight to Pink Chalk. And am I ever glad that I did.

See, what happened is this. I ordered enough solids to fill two flat-rate envelopes. One arrived, as quickly as always, and the other…….did not. I gave it a couple of weeks in case it had gone via Austria……but nothing. I sent a tentative email to Kathy, just asking her to double check that, in fact, two envelopes had been sent. They had, indeed, as Kathy had the custom ID numbers of both packages. Kathy immediately offered to resend the missing envelope. I said that that wasn’t at all fair – it wasn’t her fault that it had gone missing! She replied quickly and said that no, that was their policy, or I could have a refund. Flabbergasted by the Kathy’s generosity, I said ‘okay’ and sure enough, a replacement parcel arrived almost immediately from the US. (That original parcel never did arrive – where do missing fabric parcels go???).

So if I hadn’t quite realised the benefits of ordering from Pink Chalk Fabrics before, I certainly did after that. You just can’t beat that kind of service, and for those of us who like to buy fabrics from thousands of kilometres away, it’s incredibly reassuring.

Anyway, it’s not all about me (much), so I should also let you know that Pink Chalk Fabrics also stocks lots of other quilting solids that you might like (or need) like Freespirit Designer Solids, Moda Bella Solids, Amy Butler Quilting Solids and more. You can find them all here.

In summary, go and have a browse through the comprehensive range of products that Pink Chalk Fabrics stocks. You will not be disappointed! You can sign up for the store newsletter here and you mustn’t miss the new series of Chalk Talk Sewing Tips on Kathy’s blog – there have only been two so far, but they are fantastic tips!


What does Kathy have in store for the Sew It Together 2011 participants??

I mentioned above that Kathy is a pattern designer herself, and you can see her patterns for sale here.

Kathy has generously offered, to everyone coming to the Saturday Crafting Session, a free Pencil Roll Pattern, along with a quilt sizes card (these are SO handy!) and a discount coupon for Pink Chalk Fabrics.

So go and have a look around at the online store (and see if you can resist and wait for your coupon – good luck!) and I am sure you will be impressed by what you’ll find there. I can’t wait to get my hands on Kathy’s Pencil Roll Pattern, because my kids each need one of those!

I’m so grateful to Kathy for her generosity, and also her support for this event. Being a blogger herself, she understands this community and she is excited for the opportunities that it offers everyone who attends. Thank you so much, Kathy!


November 26, 2010

I like for you to know what’s going on behind the scenes, here at the SIT headquarters, also known as my kitchen bench.

You might remember that I told you that your SIT fee would cover the cost of a goody bag? And now you might have noticed that Innergreen is supplying the goody bags to you, free of charge?

The thing is, the offer from Innergreen came in at about the same time as the offer from Hawthorne Threads. And it was extremely generous of Charlie and Lindsay to offer us 2 yards of fabric EACH (that’s up to 200 yards of fabric), but they could not cover the cost of shipping. They asked would I be prepared to cover that cost (nearly USD300). I couldn’t have done that if Innergreen had not offered to supply the bags for free, and so instead of your money going towards a calico SIT bag (as in Melbourne), it’s going towards shipping for the fabric from Hawthorne Threads. I just wanted you to know that it’s not going into my pocket.

It’s a win/win situation really; a fabulous showbag from Innergreen made from 100% corn, and 2 yards of fabulous fabric scraps from Hawthorne Threads. Don’t you think?


While I am here, waffling, did you know there is a Sew It Together group on Facebook? The Ning network that we used previously stopped being free, so Facebook is the place to be. You’ll find a complete list of those bloggers attending Sydney 2011, and it’s a good place to ‘meet’ some of them beforehand, as well as hear about some of the swaps and fun things planned. Try searching for the group on Facebook, and if you have paid your deposit, then ask to join and we’ll, er, let you in!

Sew It Together sponsor – Hawthorne Threads!

November 26, 2010

It’s no secret, if you are an Australian fabric lover, that it is much, much cheaper to buy your US fabric from overseas than from your local quilt shop. Of course, a local quilt shop can never be matched for it’s personal service, advice, social network and classes, etc, but sometimes you just need your American fabric and you need it cheap.

The big question is where to buy it from online?

I have a few favourite US online fabric stores, and I am delighted to tell you at least one of them has offered to be a sponsor of Sew It Together 2011.

I can’t imagine that you haven’t heard of Hawthorne Threads before, but if you haven’t, then this is an online shop that you’ll be thrilled to discover. Lindsay started the ‘shop’ on Etsy back in 2008, but they have since grown the business so much that it’s now a stand alone online store and both Lindsay and her husband Charlie work full time at Hawthorne Threads. Don’t you love the idea of a husband and wife team (childhood sweethearts, no less!) running a fabric business together?

Hawthorne Threads stocks an amazing range of fabric; all your favourite designers, in all the latest substrates (think Anna Maria Horner’s voiles and velveteens) and more. What I love about looking down the long list of ‘New Arrivals‘ at Hawthorne Threads, is that they stock fabrics that I haven’t heard of, and that aren’t from my favourite designers, but that I instantly love.

All of their fabrics are modern, fresh and inspiring. Not a batik or a civil war reproduction to be found on the entire site!

If you’re like me and love to buy lots of fabric within a particular range, you can buy fat quarter packs in the Pre-cut section, often by colourway (love this option!). And I have to admit, they have fabrics in their Japanese Imports section that I didn’t even see in Japan.

And, again, if you’re like me, and you like your fabric to arrive from the US as quickly as is humanly possible, then you’re in great hands shopping at Hawthorne Threads, because I am continually astonished at how quickly their parcels arrive. I love the image I have of Charlie or Lindsay jumping up as my order arrives, cutting it up and getting it in the post the same day….and I know that’s a fantasy….but then I swear it must actually happen, because their shipping is FAST.

You can keep track of what’s new at Hawthorne Threads by signing up for their email newsletter on the home page here, and subscribing to their blog, Behind The Seams

Now comes the fun part! I bet you’re dying to know what Charlie and Lindsay have in mind for those of you coming to Sew It Together?

Everyone coming along to the Saturday Crafting Session will receive, in their Innergreen show bag, a scrap pack of fabrics from Hawthorne Threads. Not just any scrap pack though, we’re talking 2 yards of fabric. TWO YARDS. Each!

That is an offer of up to 200 yards of fabric, and is an incredibly generous offer for you girls!

I’ve just noticed that they are selling these packs for $9.50 on their website…….but for you…. FREE!

The packs will be coming closer to the time, so they will have fairly new, fresh fabric scraps from the latest ranges early next year.

I’ll give you a moment to calm down….


Now I am not sure if this was supposed to be a surprise or not, but Charlie and Lindsay are hoping to come to Sydney next year at some point. They would LOVE to make it to Sew It Together, but March is not a great time for them to be away from Hawthorne Threads. I did promise them that when they come to Sydney, if it’s not in March, we’ll have a smaller scale get together so that they can meet lots of Australian craft bloggers, so keep that in mind, folks. Let’s show Charlie and Lindsay what a great craft blog community we have here!


A huge, enormous thank you to both Charlie and Lindsay for their sponsorship of Sew It Together and their generosity. I’m a little bit dumbfounded at the idea of all that fabric crossing the Pacific Ocean to us, and then hopefully Charlie and Lindsay themselves at some point. Thank you so very much, Hawthorne Threads!