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The Details

May 12, 2010

Here’s where and when you need to be:


  • Fabric Shopping – Citigate Hotel, 270 Flinders St, Melbourne at 12:45pm sharp.
  • Friday Night Drinks – Nicole Mallalieu Studio at  420 Victoria St, Brunswick (off Sydney Rd, past Brunswick Railway Station) from 5:00pm. Late-comers will need to call from the security phone for access. Nikki will leave the number on the door for you. The building is an old school and the front door is in the middle of the building that faces the street.


  • Saturday Crafting Session – Conference Rooms, Citigate Hotel, 270 Flinders St, Melbourne from 9:00am to 4:30pm. (Tea and coffee available from 8:30am).
  • Saturday Night Dinner – Cafe Italia, 56-66 University Street, Carlton at 7:30pm. Please only come along if you have already confirmed and paid.

Any questions?

Leave a comment below and I’ll answer as soon as I can. I’m outta here before dawn tomorrow, but I am bringing my favourite tech gadgets with me, so I should be able to stay in touch.

See you all soon!


What to bring! And other important things……

May 5, 2010

It was Abbe that asked what should she bring other than her cat, her PJs and chocolate?

That’ll probably just about do it, I said.

But in case you need more than that….then I am hoping that this post might help. Please feel free to add anything in the comments, and I’ll add them up here in the main part of the post.

If you are staying overnight, don’t forget:

  • chocolate
  • PJs (careful if they are Munki Munki. I might come at you with a pair of scissors).
  • money for taxis/trams/buses/meals other than those provided/your hotel bill.

If you are coming on the fabric shopping trip:

  • comfortable shoes
  • money to get home or back to the hotel from Nikki’s studio on Friday night.
  • an extra secret fund of money for fabric. {I won’t name the friend who hoards the cash refunds from Medicare for  spending on fabric. No paper trail. Genius. Perhaps a trip to Medicare might be in order next week.}


  • camera
  • anything you want to show off. Don’t be shy. I love to see what people make. Everyone else will too. Share your genius!
  • see above for money for fabric shopping. Retromummy is bringing fabric for sale to the Saturday Crafting Session!

Don’t forget to bring something to work on at the Saturday Crafting Session……

  • Feel free to bring your sewing machine. There will be extension cords and power boards.
  • There will be ironing boards and irons set up to press seams, fabric, etc.
  • Other ideas include hand-quilting, stitching, crochet, knitting and paper-piecing.
  • Bring scissors! (Don’t forget to pack these in your checked luggage, not your hand luggage.)
  • Bring a needle and thread. There will be things to try on the day where that will be useful.
  • Bring an un-picker. One of you will be sitting next to me and I can never find mine.

So did I forget anything important?

Yes, I did!

  • Your name tag from Gypsy’s swap
  • Your items for Cass’ Sample Swap (if participating)
  • Business cards
  • A pen

Just so you know now, everyone will be getting a booklet which will include a ‘profile’ of each person attending. It will list their blog address and email address amongst other things. That will save you a bit of writing, but you might like to write notes in the margin such as “paper-piecing demon”, “stitches beautifully”, “lives near me, must catch up again soon”, etc, etc.


If you have any dietary restrictions, please let me know immediately at


If you haven’t already RSVP’d to Nikki’s shindig on Friday night, please do so over here. (And admire her awesome new iron while you’re at it. I’m looking forward to seeing it!). It would be very much appreciated if the local girls could bring a plate of something nibbly-ish.


Thanks everyone!

Friday Night Cocktail Hour

December 17, 2009

I am delighted to annouce that Nikki from Nicole Mallalieu Design has offered to host an early evening bubbly and nibbles soiree at her studio in Brunswick on the Friday night of the Sew It Together weekend!

This whole event just gets better by the day!

This is open to anyone who wants to come along, but we would like an idea of numbers, so, again, please leave a comment below if you think you’ll be joining us. If you’re a local, we’d love it if you could bring a plate of nibbles to share.

For those who are going on the minibus shopping excursion, unless there is any great objection, I will have the minibus drop us off at Nikki’s studio at 5pm. We can make our own way back to the hotel, or out to dinner, after Nikki’s ‘do’. Since we are heading to Brunswick, I have added in GJ’s Discount Fabrics in East Brunswick to the list. See the Friday Fabric Shopping page for the revised proposed itinerary.

My sincerest thanks to Nikki for her very generous offer to show us some Melbourne hospitality.

Don’t forget….leave a comment below!