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Bits and Pieces

March 6, 2011

Not long to go now, ladies!!

Firstly, a final callout to anybody else who would like to go to Material Obsession on Sunday Morning, leaving The Menzies at 9:30am. Bookings will close for this at midnight tonight so I have confirmed numbers. You can book and pay here! This trip includes your transfer to the airport afterwards, with an expected arrival time of 1:00pm at the domestic airport terminal.

Secondly, I have 3 places left at the Prints Charming Stitching Session on Friday afternoon at 4:30pm at the Prints Charming Studio in Annandale. This has previously been exclusive to non-Sydney residents, but I will open up those last 3 places to anybody who wants to come along, Sydney residents inclusive. You can book and pay here!

Thirdly, I have the following list of people who have signed up for Cass’ SIT Sample Swap. To jog your memory, this involves making 5 items (all the same, but feel free to vary your fabrics), bringing them along to the Crafting Session where we’ll break off into groups of 6 people and you’ll all swap items. You’ll go home with 5 different handmade items from other bloggers and have some great souvenirs to take home with you!

Becky – handmade soap
Amy – handbags
Lara – berets & washcloths
Helen – mini doll quilts
Sheridan – tea bag wallets
Donna – it’s a mystery!
Lisa – tba
Cath – pincushion elephants
Renae – scarves
Sandra – posy pincushions
Hilary – sewing kit/project wallets
Susan R
Anna – tote bags with surprise
Claire W
Ingrid – tba
Megan – tba
Kayscha – brooches
Bronwyn – voile scarves

Susie N – tba

Kelly – tba

Michelle – Project Bags

Belinda – tba

Jennifer D – quilted coasters

Wendy – mini quilts

If your name is listed above, please do the following:

  • Leave a comment below to let us know what you’ll be making and bringing
  • If you won’t be participating, please leave a comment below to that effect.

If your name is not listed above, please leave a comment below if you WOULD like to participate, and what you’ll be making.

There will be numerous groups of 6, so don’t worry if you’re making the same as somebody else – that’s why Cass will be breaking you into groups to avoid double ups. Plus I brought home 2 pincushions last year, and I use both of them all the time, so don’t fret!

I think that’s about it!

Hope you’re all well, excited and planning what to bring along with you to work on. Small, easy, transportable projects are good – and preferably ones that don’t require you to think! There will be so much chatting and laughing going on, I can’t imagine how you’ll be able to concentrate!

Sunday Morning at Material Obsession

February 9, 2011

You can now book your place on the bus to Material Obsession on Sunday morning right here!

We’re leaving the city at 9:30am (rise and shine everyone) and heading out to the brand new Material Obsession shop in a lovely old sandstone terrace at Birkenhead Point.*

The shop will be opening just for us! You’ll get time to do some fabric shopping, have a look at the beautiful quilts on display and Kathy will be doing some demonstrations for you.

The bus will leave from Material Obsession and go straight to the Sydney Domestic Airport for those of you flying home early afternoon. If you wish to go back to the city, then you can catch a train from the airport and head back into town, or you can catch a bus from Birkenhead Point (own arrangements).

The bus *should* arrive at the airport by 1:00pm, but I take no responsibility for anybody missing a flight. I would suggest that you do not book a flight with a departure time before 3:00pm.

* I can not guarantee 100% that Material Obsession will be in their new premises by then, but they do expect to be moved by this date.

** I am reserving the right to cancel this trip should minimum numbers not be achieved. Your money will be refunded in full should this happen.

Come along! It will be a lovely morning!

(And that’s Sunday 27th March, for the record!)

What’s in store for Sydney 2011?

January 3, 2011

I know that you’re keen to know what’s planned for Sew It Together in Sydney, so here’s a rundown of what’s on offer. Keep times in mind before you book any flights to and from Sydney!

Remember, before you reserve your place at any of these additional events, you must have reserved your place, and paid your deposit for the Saturday Crafting Session. You cannot attend any of the other events without attending the main event on Saturday 26 March, 2011. You can do that here.

  • Friday Fabric Shopping Trip will be visiting The Remnant Warehouse in Alexandria, the brand-new Calico & Ivy store in Balmain and the Prints Charming studio in Annandale. The bus departs The Menzies Hotel in Carrington Street at 12pm sharp and will return at approximately 5:15pm on Friday 25 March, 2011. Only 24 seats available on the bus. Cost is $32.
  • Friday Prints Charming Stitching Session will be held at the amazingly gorgeous Prints Charming studio in Annandale, Sydney. You’ll spend two hours learning how to embroider one of their beautiful panels, and just enjoying the inspiration you’ll find all around you. If you catch the ‘stitching bug’, you’ll be able to purchase any extra Prints Charming products before you leave. Places *strictly* limited to 15 people. The Session runs from 4:30pm to 6:30pm on Friday 25th March, 2011 and the cost is $70. This includes the lesson, the panel and transfer back to The Menzies Hotel via Maxi Taxi; and the Prints Charming ladies are throwing in some champers so we’re all very relaxed. Bookings are only open to non-Sydney bloggers. {Sorry, but Sydney girls can go anytime – this one is for the visitors only! Please don’t pay if you live in the Sydney Metropolitan Area – I will return your money straight away if you do}. You will need to make your own way, at your own expense, to the Studio at 2 Young Street Annandale if you are not on the Friday Fabric Shopping Trip.
  • Saturday Night Dinner will be held at the Heritage Belgian Beer Cafe, 135 Harrington Street, The Rocks. There is a  3 course set menu (which includes their awesome Mussel Pots), and drinks can be paid for on a cash basis at the bar. You can view the current menu here, although I am advised that it will change slightly between now and March. There are vegetarian options included in the set menu, but if you are even stricter than that (ie vegan), please let me know loud and clear at the time of booking. Saturday 26th March, 2011 at 7:30pm. Cost is $59.00 and includes food only.
  • Sunday Morning at Material Obsession – bus will leave The Menzies Hotel at 9:30am and head straight to Material Obsession for a private shop opening and demonstrations by Kathy Doughty and her team. Come along and explore the store, do some shopping, admire the sample quilts and be inspired by what Kathy and her team are going to show you. The minibus will leave Material Obsession and go directly to the domestic airport for your transfer back home. Please do not book a return flight out of Sydney before 2:30pm. Cost tba and will include the minibus transfer from The Menzies Hotel, and the return trip directly to Sydney Domestic Airport. Numbers will be limited, but will be advised.

I have tried to think of the best of Sydney to show our visitors. I hope that you enjoy any of these options that you decide to attend! Remember, they’re just options – it’s up to you if you come to all of them; or none of them.

Numbers are limited for everything except the Saturday Night Dinner, so I suggest that you do not hesitate reserving your place if you have your heart set on attending something. If you later change your mind, and I can fill your spot, you’ll be entitled to a full refund (excluding the Paypal fee).

Bookings will open for the Friday Fabric Shopping Trip and the Prints Charming Stitching Session soon, so stay tuned!