Sew It Together Sponsor – Clare’s Place!

This morning I picked up a big fat bundle of goodness at the Post Office from a brand new Sew It Together sponsor – Clare’s Place!

If you haven’t been over to Clare’s Place before, then you really should pay her a visit! Clare has a beautiful blog, full of colour and lovely pictures, plenty of crafty inspiration and some great tutorials. Clare lives in Tasmania, stays at home to look after her gorgeous little girl and in her spare time she loves to quilt!

Last July, she released her first quilt pattern, and since then she’s been hooked! Clare absolutely loves designing and making quilts, and her patterns are geared towards modern sewers of all skill levels. She hopes that her patterns and designs inspire others to make something new, exciting and fun; and to help others feel the satisfaction that comes from both completing a new sewing project and enjoying the results and benefits of all their hard work.

I think that’s a wonderful goal of Clare’s! It’s all very exciting starting a new sewing project….but then when it sits there unfinished for a long time (or is that just me?), it feels less like fun and more like a burden. Actually finishing a project and getting to use your quilt/bag/dress, etc? Now that’s satisfaction!

SInce July, Clare has designed and released 7 (yes SEVEN) gorgeous quilt patterns, and you can find downloadable versions here and here! And have a peek at Clare’s lovely Made It shop – the prettiest canvases and kids’ t-shirts!

To encourage everyone to have a try at something new, Clare has very kindly donated a copy of her “Jayne’s Love” quilt pattern to every single one of you coming along to the Saturday Crafting Session!

You can read about the Jayne’s Love quilt here! Isn’t it gorgeous? (And how about Clare’s daughter?)

But that’s not all! Clare has also kindly donated a full set of 7 Clare’s Place patterns for the prize giveaway at the Saturday Crafting Session! The pack includes Summer Charm, Bubbles and Ruffles, Wheels, Alphabet Soup, Baby 123, Jayne’s Love and Twinkle Twinkle!

Thank you Clare for becoming a sponsor of Sew It Together! Any chance we can get you up to Sydney to join in all the fun in just a few weeks time??



One Response to “Sew It Together Sponsor – Clare’s Place!”

  1. Clare Horsman Says:

    I would love to come but unfortunatly I am unble to this year 😦

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