Sew It Together Sponsor – Craft Schmaft!

My other new sponsor to announce today is another fantabulous (yes, that is a word) Claire, this time it’s Claire with an ‘i’!

The lovely Claire is the brains behind Craft Schmaft and freely admits she has an addiction to sock toys!

Craft Schmaft is probably best known for Claire’s Baby Owl Softie kits, like the gorgeous one in the photo above. But if owls aren’t your thing, then don’t hesitate to check out the other sock toy patterns for Woof Woof, G-Raf, Lil’ Monster and Sausage Roller.

I love that Claire sells her designs in a variety of permutations. You can buy a PDF pattern to be emailed to you, a printed pattern to be mailed to you or you can also buy kits in each design (OwlsMobilesG-RafWoof Woof and Lil’ Monster) which include the pattern and all the materials needed to make your very own sock toy. Claire doesn’t skimp on materials either – all the kits are different, but some include wool felt, cashmere socks, Perle embroidery thread and even a needle and thread in a tin to keep. All I can think is – what great gifts these kits are!!!

I’ve got two fantabulous things to tell you. The first is that Claire herself is coming along to the Saturday Crafting Session! Even though she is super famous (being featured in stacks and stacks of stylish magazines and all) we’ll try and give her a little peace and quiet to enjoy her day away from the cutest little baby boy I ever did see……

And the second great thing is that Claire and Craft Schmaft are sponsoring Sew It Together! Claire has generously offered up some fantastic prizes for the giveaway at the Saturday Crafting Session! Here’s what you’ll find on the prize table:

  • 2 x Owl Mobile kits
  • 3 x Baby Owl kits
  • 4 x Woof Woof patterns

Eeek! I really want an Owl Mobile Kit for Emmeline’s room. Should I take my chances at the prize table, or buy one now??

If you are similarly in love, you can find Craft Schmaft products here and here, the Craft Schmaft blog here and on Facebook here!

Thanks so much Claire for these great prizes! And we’ll see you in just a few weeks at Sew It Together!


5 Responses to “Sew It Together Sponsor – Craft Schmaft!”

  1. Becky Says:

    I love those kits! And I agree, cute baby indeed 🙂 There are two mobile kits up for grabs, but I say buy one now, then there will be more chance of me getting one on the day 😉

  2. Becky Says:

    I just realised that it was Claire’s blog that has the tag monster free pattern. I made one for the small boy here and he loves it! Thanks Claire 🙂

  3. Claire Says:


  4. Renae Says:

    Thankyou! I knew I’d seen the lil monsters kits somewhere but couldn’t remember where! Just ordered one and can’t wait to make it for my boy 🙂

    Thanks for the gorgeous prizes Claire, so generous of you!

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