It’s a little embarrassing when you receive an enormous package of goodies from a sponsor, and you haven’t even written up their blog post yet, even though they offered to sponsor Sew It Together a couple of weeks ago. And that’s not the only one. I have two sponsor posts to write, and I am very late, and my only excuse is that I have been busy making arrangements for Sew It Together, and finding time to workout, cook and eat healthily, spend 2 hours in the car each day doing the school run and taking care of a family. Nothing that everybody else isn’t already doing, so it doesn’t even count as an excuse.

I WILL be writing one of those sponsor posts today, by hook or by crook and I’ll get the other one done tonight, no matter how late I need to stay up. I apologise to our generous sponsors.


In other news, the room space at The Menzies has been locked in, and as a result of numbers and finding the right space for us, there is now a cap of 60 for the Saturday Crafting Session. That leaves about 10 spaces by my calculations on my trusty spreadsheet. If you have been thinking about coming along, then I suggest that you book sooner rather than later! You can book here.


Final payments for the Saturday Crafting Session are now due and payable here.


I don’t have enough numbers to warrant a minibus to Material Obsession on Sunday Morning, but I am looking at alternatives, so don’t give up hope yet!


I think that’s it!




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