New Sponsor – great prizes!

I received a lovely email from Lisa at Crafty Mamas today, offering to sponsor the Saturday Crafting Session and offer some prizes to participants!

Before I tell you what you might win, here’s a little bit about Crafty Mamas.

Lisa started Crafty Mamas about 5 years ago, with a great, lively forum with lots of crafty chat. After that came a Facebook page and group blog. Lisa also organises yearly craft retreats which sound fantastic.
Lisa started the Crafty Mamas shop after she had trouble finding Ottobre  magazine, Farbenmix patterns and groovy European fabric in Australia. Crafty Mamas is now the Australian agent for Ottobre, Farbenmix and Studio Tantrum (both retail and wholesale).

The shop stocks lots of other cool European patterns, many from small designers and other European sewing magazines including Patrones, Knip Mode, Burda, La Mia Moutique and Bizz Kids. 
There is fabric too! Lisa concentrates on many of the fabrics featured in Otto and Knip Mode, etc. These are from HILCO (Germany) and  STENZO (Holland).  And not to mention some Australian-made knits to coordinate with funky knits from the US.

So, all in all, definitely check out Crafty Mamas. There is a lot there to look at. I covet those Farbenmix ribbons. They are seriously cute! And with free postage for the ribbons in Australia, I think I will be stocking up soon.

Now! Here is what Lisa has offered as prizes for the Saturday Crafting Session:

  • 10 x Farbenmix/Studio Tantrum patterns
  • 3 x current Ottobre Design magazines –  Issue 1/2010
  • 2 x Crafty Mamas shop fabric vouchers ($75.00 each)

That’s 15 fantastic prizes!

(Note to self: must figure out how to rig system to win all these prizes for myself. Just as well they won’t be awarded for most beautiful handknit, because I can’t knit. Must come up with awards that only I can win……)

Thanks very much, Lisa, for offering to be a sponsor of Sew It Together! I know that your prizes will be very gratefully received by the lucky winners.

In the meantime, if you feel like being social (or even if you don’t), go and sign up at the forum and check out some of the discussion threads. There is a lot to read and a lot of useful information about all sorts of crafts. And keep the shop in mind next time you are looking for something a little bit different, perhaps something a little European.

Thanks Crafty Mamas!


5 Responses to “New Sponsor – great prizes!”

  1. Carmel Says:

    Wow! More sponsors and prizes too!

  2. pinkfishbluefish Says:

    Thanks Lisa, you rock! I would love to win a Crafty Mamas voucher, there are so many awesome things in her shop 🙂

  3. Carolyn Says:

    oh WOW!!! Thank you Lisa!

    Chaletgirl- when you rig it, can you please make sure that i am in on it too 😉

  4. corrie Says:

    so fabulous, so generous


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    […] HERE […]

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