Sew It Together Sponsor – Crafty Mamas!

Can I just say that I am LOVING the mailman at the moment? He is bringing me huge big boxes of sponsors’ goodies from all over the country! I try to find a few minutes at the end of each day to open them up and peruse the crafty items (yes, I have the best job in the world!). And whilst it was only on Monday afternoon that I received an email from Crafty Mamas offering to sponsor Sew It Together again this year; this morning I received a huge bundle of prizes from the lovely Lisa for the Saturday Crafting Session!

Crafty Mamas were so kind to sponsor SIT Melbourne 2010, and I am delighted that they are back for another year!

I’m getting a little time poor with only NINE (9) (3×3) sleeps to go, so please help me out and go and check out how wonderful Crafty Mamas is – I told you all last year….


Thank you!! Nothing seems to have changed…..there’s still loads of fantastic European patterns, fabulous knits, gorgeous ribbons…seriously, those European kids’ clothes are just amazing!! If you like to sew for your kids, or for yourself, Crafty Mamas is the place to find both fabrics and patterns that really are different to anything else out there.

There’s also the online forum, where lots of SIT bloggers hang out and talk crafty sewing stuff. Yes, I have seen you in there.  😉

So what did the delightful Lisa of Crafty Mamas send me this morning? A veritable treasure trove of prizes!!

Check out the cover of that last one on the list…..

Oh my!!!

I thought of Karen when I saw the gorgeous patterns for girls…

And I can just see these pants on Becky‘s little boy…..

And will someone please just make me that apron with all the flowers on it? PLEASE?

While I wait for someone to volunteer, I am sure that you’re all very happy and excited to have Crafty Mamas back on board again as a sponsor! Thank you Lisa for your generosity and support of the crafty bloggers out there!


4 Responses to “Sew It Together Sponsor – Crafty Mamas!”

  1. Becky et al. Says:

    I will make that apron! And you are right, my boy would wear those pants!

    I did click across to read the info on last year’s post, amazing stuff. It would seem there are more goodies up for grabs this year too which is exciting.

    How did we get to 9 sleeps! I need to think about clothes, and packing, but not packing too much because there is going to be a lot of goodies coming home with me!

    Thanks Lisa 🙂

    • chaletgirl Says:

      That was quick!!! Thank you!! Let’s hope you win the magazine now! 🙂

      I thought that little boy even looked a bit like Blue?

      Don’t bring too much! Lots to take home!

  2. Karen Says:

    9 sleeps!! Really!
    You’re right – girl stuff is my life – I think you deserve that apron Sheridan.
    Feeling very glad I booked carry-on luggage for coming to Sydney and under the plane luggage to go home!

  3. Kylie Says:

    Love that apron and the pants pattern too:)

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