The Business End of Things

I took my son to the chiropractor on Monday. He was given a clean bill of health, and  I was told to come back in 3 months.

I went to the receptionist, and asked for an appointment in 3 months time. She said, “Right, that will be the first week of May. Which is a good day for you?”

“No, he said three months. Not May.”

“Um, Mrs Powell, 3 months IS May.”

“It couldn’t possibly be.”

“Er, I am sorry, Mrs Powell, but it is.”

And she was right. May IS IN THREE MONTHS TIME. So I came home and scrambled a bit and I have got my act together this week.

So there is lots of business in today’s post. Just one thing before I start. Whilst I am really happy to organise all of this, and I am enjoying it, it is taking an immense amount of time. Just for the Crafting Session, for example, keeping track of over 50 deposits and all the resulting emails to confirm receipt, etc has been very time consuming.

For the remaining events, I am only taking payment in full. Given that the weekend is not that far away, and that I am myself paying holding deposits and signing contracts, I think that is reasonable.

Also, note that the Saturday Crafting Session filled up much more quickly than I had imagined. There are still places available for non-Melbourne bloggers and a lengthy waiting list for those places if they fail to be taken up.

From March 1 there will also be limits on the Friday Fabric Shopping and the Saturday Dinner. Places will be allocated in order of receipt of payment. I will have a waiting list for those events too, in case of cancellation.

Right! Where was I?

On March 1st, I am opening up bookings and taking payments for the remaining events to be sorted out. That gives you a few weeks to figure out your plans, and gives me a short break from confirming payments. Places will be allocated on a first pay, first served basis.


The Friday Fabric Shopping bus has been booked! The cost is great value – just $25 each for 4 hours of chaffeur-driven fabric shopping.

The coach holds 24 people, so the first 24 people to pay will be allocated a seat on the coach.

Dinner has also been booked! After much deliberation and Googling, I found a venue that has reasonable prices, can take large groups, is close to public transport, is not too far from the city and has a good reputation for food.

Cafe Italia in Carlton will be the venue for our Saturday Night Dinner. They can provide a 3 course meal for $50.90 per person. Drinks are extra and are at your own cost on the night. We have an area, not a room as such, but an area reserved for us that can seat 50 people.

Therefore the first 50 people that pay for the Saturday Night Dinner (in full, please) will be attending.

I’m sorry to be so rigid on this, but I do need to minimise the chasing of deposits and payments.

And lastly, I have been putting off discussing this, because I feel uncomfortable, but now is the time. There are things that I would like to provide for this event that only cost a small amount per person, but when you multiply that by the more than 70 people that are coming to one thing or another, it adds up to too much money for me to cover myself.  (If you are new here, you might not know that I am not taking one single cent from the money that you pay me. I am charging you the exact cost of each part of the event. I am taking no profit, let alone reimbursement for interstate phone calls or the 100s of hours I have put into this).

I would love to get lanyards printed with ‘Sew It Together’ on them for you to wear with your ‘access passes’ to each event. They will be the quick release variety, so you can use them later at work (they satisfy OH&S requirements for workplace use) if you wish. I want to print out details of all your events on cards to go in card holders on the end of your lanyards. I also want to provide a booklet to everyone who is attending. Inside you’ll find details of all the bloggers attending (to remind you later), room for email addresses and notes, some suggestions for visitors to Melbourne and a few other things that I have up my sleeve.

So these are just little things, but they add up when multiplied. I would like to ask for a payment of $10 from each of you to cover the cost of those items. If you are from Melbourne and are only coming to the Saturday Night Dinner, I will leave it as an option for you if you want the goodies or not. For everyone coming to anything else, I would be really grateful if you could include that in your payment.

I just want to make this the very best event that I can. And please note, there is still no profit or payment for time involved for me. I am donating that for free!

If there are any funds left over from this extra payment, I will return them to you in the form of prizes of some sort.

So how do you figure out how much you owe me?

Add this up:

  1. $25 if you are coming on the Friday Fabric Shopping trip
  2. $50.90 if you are coming to the Saturday Night Dinner
  3. $10 for incidentals if you are coming to at least one event. If that event is the Saturday Night Dinner then this is optional.
  4. *Optional* if you want to get this over and done with and pay your balance of the Saturday Crafting Session at the same time, you are more than welcome to. The balance is $20. Since I originally promised that this would be due in April, I am not making this due and payable before then. But I would really love you if you saved me confirming another payment in April.

Send me an email to and let me know what you intend to pay for, and let me know if you need my bank account details again.

I’ll remind you just before 1st March that bookings are opening up. DO NOT PAY BEFORE MARCH 1st.

If you really object to paying the extra $10, please send me an email in private to the above address and let me know. If I get enough complaints, I will abandon my plans of pretty lanyards and nice booklets and keep it a whole lot more simple. No offence will be taken. Email me ASAP if you are concerned.

Right. I think that’s all of the business over and done with.

Oh, actually one more thing!

If you are planning on being on the Friday Fabric Shopping minibus, it will be leaving from the Citigate Hotel at 1pm sharp.

I suggest that you make  sure your flight lands in Melbourne no later than 11am if you’re coming by taxi from the airport, and even earlier if you are planning on using public transport to get to the hotel. Allow plenty of time, please! The bus will leave at 1pm sharp because we have a lot of shopping to do, and Kelly tells me I’ll have a hard time getting her out of Amitie.

Okay? Any questions, please fire away!


16 Responses to “The Business End of Things”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Okay people, I think this all sounds fab and that Sheridan is just awesome for organising this fantastic event, I can’t wait!

    I do have to say that I think it’s a teensy weensy bit mean of Sheridan to make my brain hurt by adding up the $$$ above – lucky I had pencil and paper handy – can you believe I used to work in a casino and work out roulette payments in my head??? Anyway, in case any of you are struggling with the math, let me share this with you, the total of all four amounts adds up to $105.90. At least, that’s what I worked out, perhaps I should recheck? Yep, I’m pretty sure that’s right. 😉

    Oh, and please note, I’m a tad heavy, so Sheridan may need some help removing me from Amitie, okay?

    Kelly 🙂

  2. Carmel Says:

    Just wanted to clarify, if we are going to all four events, then Sheridan wants us to pay the balance AFTER March 1st, is that right? Will it be like getting concert tickets, should I be up waiting until midnight so I don’t miss out? (Kelly, I got $105.90 too).

  3. chaletgirl Says:

    LOL! You girls are funny!

    I didn’t add it all up, because there aren’t actually that many of you that are coming to everything. But, yes, I agree with your maths!

    And, yes, a little like concert tickets! But at last count I had about 40 people interested in dinner, and 18 for the fabric shopping. So I have allowed for extras and there should be no need for a great rush. Get your beauty sleep and pay in the morning.

    And yes I would prefer that you pay for everything after March 1st. My bank account is very boring to look at every day!

  4. Susan L Says:

    I’ve already paid … and yes, I paid $105.90 (glad I can count as well). LOL

    I’m so looking forward to this.


  5. trashalou Says:

    If I thought I could do the whole thing for $105.90 I would pay in a heartbeat but instead I shall sit glumly in my damp UK Winter and just think of all the fun time s all y’all will be having .

  6. Susie Says:

    Sorry – didn’t read the post correctly and didn’t read the comments until after I had paid. I’ve paid mine. Silly and excited I guess.

    • chaletgirl Says:

      No problem, thanks Susie, I do love your enthusiasm!

      Everyone else, please don’t pay before March 1st. Any payments received before then will receive a 24 hour penalty. Maybe. Something like that. I don’t know, I think I am making up too many rules. You get the idea, though?

  7. corrie Says:

    hi sheridan

    I won’t pay till March 1. PEOPLE DON”T PAY YET! It just makes it fair for everyone if you pay from March 1.

    sounds great, you’re a star for organising all of this! I will be there with bells on to all events and I will pay you on MARCH 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. jodie Says:

    I am one of those people you must hate . I paid something at some time – no idea what – a deposit perhaps for the Saturday session….and Yep I am more than happy to chuck in $10 for the goodies…I love goodies and blog list is an awesome idea.

  9. chaletgirl Says:

    What Corrie said!!!

  10. pinkfishbluefish Says:

    Have I mentioned you rock Sheridan?! Thanks for putting in so much time and effort to organise this awesome weekend! I’ll pay you for all the events on March 1st and not a day before! Oh, and very happy to pay $10 for the extras.

  11. Bianca Says:

    Well I will be sitting up and paying dot on after midnight! I’m not coming all that way and missing out lol!

    And my husband read this post with me and is slightly concerned about what and who I am going to Melbourne with lol! Crazy pretend sewing people he is now calling you all lol!

  12. Kelly Says:

    Hey Bianca – I’ll be up watching the clock too, I’m sooooo excited to meet everyone. Crazy pretend sewing people indeed, too funny!

    Can’t wait to see Corrie with Bells galore. LOL 😉

    I’m getting just a little bit exciterated – my MIL made up that word and I LOVE it!!!!

  13. Belinda Says:

    Sounds good Sheridan. March 1 it is then!! Which means it goes in by the 2nd…coz banks like to do things a little bit slowly!

  14. Bookings Open Tomorrow « Sew It Together Says:

    […] this post here for full details of payments due, but to […]

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