Crochet Workshop Sign Ups!

Please leave a comment below with the name of the Crochet Workshop you’d like to attend.

“Beginner” or “Granny Square”.

For more details and all my rules, see this post.


25 Responses to “Crochet Workshop Sign Ups!”

  1. Jennifer Says:


  2. Renae Moseling Says:

    Renae and Michelle for granny square please!

  3. Michelle Says:

    Michelle and Kelli for the beginner class please!

  4. michelle rees Says:

    Renae beat me to it!!!!

  5. Amy Says:

    Beginner please!

  6. danielle @petitselefants Says:

    Beginner please!

  7. Leah Says:

    Granny square please 🙂

  8. Becky Says:

    Beginner? If I am #8?

  9. Becky Says:

    Actually now that I am looking back and reading properly I can see I #6 for the beginner class 🙂

  10. Sara Says:


  11. tins and needles Says:

    Granny square please

  12. Cass Ward Says:

    Beginner if I made it

  13. kithandco Says:

    Beginner if I made it… or first reserve?? (megan Kay)

  14. Stacey Says:

    Granny Square please. How much does it cost?

  15. Posie Patchwork Says:

    Oh is there still room?? I’d like to try either please. Maybe granny squares?? I’m not very good at crochet, ask Kylie!! Love Jennie from Posie

  16. ingrid Says:

    Beginner please if there is room.

  17. chaletgirl Says:

    No more room for beginners, folks, but still a couple of spots left for Granny Square!

  18. whippetgoodwhippet Says:

    Signing up for Granny Square – I will make sure I’m ready, by hook or by crook….actually, by hook hehehe!

  19. whippetgoodwhippet Says:

    oops Sherman…that’s me above…Bronwyn…if you weren’t sure

  20. Jules Says:

    How have I missed sew it together Canberra?? This is in my hometown!! Am I too late? Please email me relish [at] live [dot] come [dot] au if I can join now…

  21. Jules Says:

    And if I’m not too late, a beginner crochet class would be amazing!!!

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