Suzy Hausfrau Crochet Workshops!

I am delighted to tell you today about the crochet workshops that Renae from Suzy Hausfrau is going to be offering at Sew It Together.

To participate in these workshops, you’ll have to do the following:

  • leave a comment on the booking post (coming soon),
  • be in the first 8 people to register for a workshop (maximum 8 people per workshop),
  • receive a confirmation from me that you are registered, and then
  • purchase a pack from the Suzy Hausfrau market stall before your workshop at the Saturday Crafting Session.
Price $14.95 (value $19.95)
The pack for these classes includes a gorgeous 8-ply 100% certified organic wool from Denmark, BC Garn Semilla and the most beautiful crochet hooks imaginable from Brittany.  These crochet hooks are made from sustainably harvested Birch and made by a family of craftsman in the USA.  Colours available for the pack are white (01), blue (110) and pink (122).
Here are the details for the classes:
Absolute Beginner
Have you been able to crack the crochet code?  Does the thought of winding a hook in and out of yarn leave you a bit cold?  This mini-class is aimed at the absolute crochet beginner and will teach you the very basics – the correct way to hold your crochet hook, getting started, chain stitch, single crochet and slip stitch…all in a super quick 45 minute class.  Then you get to take your beautiful Brittany crochet hook and BC Garn organic wool home with you to keep going.  Sounds easy?  Well it really is once you crack the crochet code!
Granny Squares
Crochet has undergone a bit of a renaissance with the growing popularity of granny square blankets.  And it isn’t limited to just blankets, even Cate Blanchett wore a Granny Square Dress once!  If you have wanted to start making your own granny squares then this mini-class will take you through a very easy design.  But just a word of warning, these are addictive!  You will find yourself making them before you even have an end-project in mind – because they are SO quick and fun.  To do this class it is preferable if you can hook on your work, do chain stitch and a few basic crochet stitches, such as singe, double and treble crochet.
Here are my rules, and things that you need to know:
  • Do not sign up for more than one Crochet Workshop
  • These workshops will not overlap with the Craft Schmaft Sock Owl Workshop, you may do both the Owl Workshop, and a Crochet Workshop.
  • You must purchase a pack from the Suzy Hausfrau market stall at the Saturday Crafting Session to take along with you to the Crochet Workshop (but having a pack does not entitle you to a workshop place).
  • You only will be allowed to attend a workshop if you have a confirmation email from me.
  • There is a limit of 8 people per workshop
  • Don’t register yet!
Here’s how you register:
  • There will be a blog post posted here on Wednesday evening, May 16 at 8pm AEST.
  • You can sign up in the comments underneath that post. Not this one.
  • Please leave the name of the Crochet Workshop that you would like to attend in a comment.”Beginner” or “Granny Square”
  • Only the first 8 to register for each one will get a place.
  • If you cannot be near a computer at that time, you have more than 48 hours to find a friend who is going to Sew It Together that can sign up for you.
  • If you’ve been asked to sign up for someone, or you’d like to do a Crochet Workshop with a friend, you may signup ONE other person at the same time as yourself. No more than 2 names per comment please. The third name will be ignored. I am mean like that. We need to give everyone a chance.
  • I reserve the right to make up more rules as I think of them. 🙂
Please join me in thanking Renae for organising these workshops – she is doing them for YOU!!
(PS: I apologise for the formatting on this post, it’s dodgy but I gave up trying to fix it….it’s readable, I hope!).


7 Responses to “Suzy Hausfrau Crochet Workshops!”

  1. whippetgoodwhippet Says:

    My finger will be poised above the keyboard on Wed – I kinda want both workshops…I am a beginner, though I have made one crochet scarf once a million years ago, but have no idea of patterns etc. Desperately want to learn how to Granny Square,
    but get basics right first!!
    Thanks so much Sheridan and Renae – looking forward to feeling that wool!

  2. Saffron Craig Fabrics Says:

    sounds like a must. x

  3. Renae Moseling Says:

    It’s nearly 8pm!

  4. Crochet Workshop Sign Ups! « Sew It Together Says:

    […] Sew It Together An annual get together for Australian craft bloggers « Suzy Hausfrau Crochet Workshops! […]

  5. Celine Says:

    Will you be running any of these workshops in 2013? They look awesome! 😀

  6. Says:

    This is exactly the 4th blog post, of yours I checked
    out. However I actually enjoy this specific one, “Suzy Hausfrau Crochet
    Workshops! Sew It Together” the most. Take care ,Joie

  7. Andrew Says:

    I personally consider this specific blog , “Suzy Hausfrau Crochet Workshops!
    | Sew It Together” lulugrille , relatively enjoyable not to mention the blog post ended up being a fantastic read.

    Thank you,Leta

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