Name Tag Swap!

Another tradition for Sew It Together is the Name Tag Swap!

For this swap, you commit to making a handmade name tag for somebody else attending Sew It Together. It’s a blind swap, so you won’t know who is making yours until it arrives! These will need to be completed and posted out before Sew It Together, so the recipient will bring it to Canberra and proudly wear it on their lanyard.

We have seen some amazing examples of name tags made over the last two years, and this is a swap I wouldn’t miss for the world. Trust me, it will be worth all the trouble, when you proudly get to walk into SIT with a handmade name tag.

Now I should add that you should not be intimidated by some of the tags that you see from previous years. We all know that there are experienced ladies coming along as well as really inexperienced ladies, and it’s not about how technically amazing your name tag is. It’s about having something made, just for you by someone else, that you get to wear with pride.

To sign up, please go and see this post from the delightful Gillian, who has kindly volunteered to host the Name Tag Swap this year.


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