Sample Swap 2012

It’s back.

And there is nothing quite like the excitement of Sample Swap time at Sew It Together. Don’t be freaked out if I tell you that there are circles formed, and a little dance is done. You can see more here (right at the end) in this awesome video that Donna put together recently……

And here is the official word from the woman in charge of the Sample Swap, the awesome Cass of Snailblazer fame.

Once again we will be holding the sample swap during SIT.  For anyone who hasn’t been involved before this means making 5 of the same items and then swapping them at SIT.  Everyone is put into groups of 6, so you make 5 items and you get one item from the other 5 people in your group.  So you go home with 5 lovely handmade items. This has been a really fun swap and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.  Now on to the details:

1. You must email me by the 19th May to let me know you are participating.  You will receive a return email confirming you are participating.  If you don’t email me then you won’t be able to participate.  Leaving a comment on the blog or Facebook is not enough nor is assuming you can just bring your items on the day.  I need to know beforehand so I can allocate groups and call on extra people if needed. Unless you have received a confirmation email by reply from me, then consider yourself NOT signed up for the Sample Swap.

2. You must send me a “blog ready” photo of all your items one week prior, so by the Friday 1st June.  The reason for this is if you can’t get your items ready we will need to call on a reserve to take your place.  Unfortunately there has been a couple of occasions when people haven’t had anything on the day which has meant other people missing out or usually me making extra items to overcome this.  If you have a legitimate reason you can’t email me the photos the week prior let me know and we can see if we can work something out.  For those of you that don’t know “blog “ready” means pretty much finished.  So for example you might have made pincushions, stuffed them but haven’t sewn up the closure yet or softies and the eyes are sewn on.

3. Reserve list – if you think you can make 5 items in a week please let me know you would like to be placed on the reserve list in your original email.  This means if someone pulls out I will call on you to make 5 items at the last minute. They may be the same items as you will then be in two groups or 5 new items if the mood takes you.  This list will also be used if I need to make up numbers so that we can have groups of 6. 

If you have any questions and to sign up please email me at cassandra_ward(at)telstra(dot)com

Thank you, Cass!! Now that might sound like a lot of rules, but we have been here before, done this before, and figured out the best way to make this work for YOU. Unfortunately, Cass has been let down in the past, at the last minute, and this has resulted in difficulties on the day. And we want to have fun at Sew It Together too, so all you have to do is follow the rules, which are very fair, bring your items to Sew It Together and take some gorgeous handmade things home with you. Easy!


3 Responses to “Sample Swap 2012”

  1. trash Says:

    I put forward this idea for the mob at Fat Quarterly 2012, so come June there will be a gang of us doing a Sample Swap. I had such a fabulous time doing the SIT 2010 one that it just seemed too great an opportunity to pass by. Also, am loving that you still do some kind of hoppy dance.

  2. Cass Says:

    Awesome Trash glad to see the tradition continue. I’d be more than happy to come over and organize it for you all if someone wants to pay for me!

  3. Sample swap « pink fish blue fish Says:

    […] ‘thing’, although colours, fabrics etc can vary. Then we are put into groups of 6, do a special dance (!) and swap our items with each other. And we go home with 5 beautiful handmade goodies from other […]

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