Bits and Pieces

Not long to go now, ladies!!

Firstly, a final callout to anybody else who would like to go to Material Obsession on Sunday Morning, leaving The Menzies at 9:30am. Bookings will close for this at midnight tonight so I have confirmed numbers. You can book and pay here! This trip includes your transfer to the airport afterwards, with an expected arrival time of 1:00pm at the domestic airport terminal.

Secondly, I have 3 places left at the Prints Charming Stitching Session on Friday afternoon at 4:30pm at the Prints Charming Studio in Annandale. This has previously been exclusive to non-Sydney residents, but I will open up those last 3 places to anybody who wants to come along, Sydney residents inclusive. You can book and pay here!

Thirdly, I have the following list of people who have signed up for Cass’ SIT Sample Swap. To jog your memory, this involves making 5 items (all the same, but feel free to vary your fabrics), bringing them along to the Crafting Session where we’ll break off into groups of 6 people and you’ll all swap items. You’ll go home with 5 different handmade items from other bloggers and have some great souvenirs to take home with you!

Becky – handmade soap
Amy – handbags
Lara – berets & washcloths
Helen – mini doll quilts
Sheridan – tea bag wallets
Donna – it’s a mystery!
Lisa – tba
Cath – pincushion elephants
Renae – scarves
Sandra – posy pincushions
Hilary – sewing kit/project wallets
Susan R
Anna – tote bags with surprise
Claire W
Ingrid – tba
Megan – tba
Kayscha – brooches
Bronwyn – voile scarves

Susie N – tba

Kelly – tba

Michelle – Project Bags

Belinda – tba

Jennifer D – quilted coasters

Wendy – mini quilts

If your name is listed above, please do the following:

  • Leave a comment below to let us know what you’ll be making and bringing
  • If you won’t be participating, please leave a comment below to that effect.

If your name is not listed above, please leave a comment below if you WOULD like to participate, and what you’ll be making.

There will be numerous groups of 6, so don’t worry if you’re making the same as somebody else – that’s why Cass will be breaking you into groups to avoid double ups. Plus I brought home 2 pincushions last year, and I use both of them all the time, so don’t fret!

I think that’s about it!

Hope you’re all well, excited and planning what to bring along with you to work on. Small, easy, transportable projects are good – and preferably ones that don’t require you to think! There will be so much chatting and laughing going on, I can’t imagine how you’ll be able to concentrate!


36 Responses to “Bits and Pieces”

  1. Susie Says:

    I’m not on the list but was hoping to participate in the swap and have made my items. I’ve just emailed Cass.

  2. ingrid Says:

    I am on the list and will definitely be taking part but I have no idea what I am making yet. I will update when I do.

  3. Kelly Says:

    Hi Sheridan, I signed up for the Swap too. I’m still debating a couple of ideas about what to make. Will come back again this evening and leave a comment about my final decision, that’ll give me the day to ponder and decide – decisions, decisions – such a trauma. LOL! 😉

  4. Helen Says:

    I’ve signed up for the sample swap Sheridan! I’ve made 5 mini dolls quilts, A4ish size. 🙂

  5. Renae Says:

    I’ve signed up 🙂 I’ve changed my original plan as they were going to be too heavy and now I am making scarves from AMH voile! Nice and light and don’t take up too much space in the luggage!

  6. Michelle Says:

    I would like to sign up for the swap. I’m be making project bags of some description (haven’t quite worked out the logistics yet, but they will be very nice)

  7. Belinda Kwan Says:

    Oh that is weird, I definitely emailed Cass before. I would like to be in the swap (since I have half made the items). I don’t know what to call them, so I might take a picture and email it to Cass.

  8. thornberry Says:

    I’ve signed up – and I’ve made each of the other five in my group a crocheted slouch beret and crocheted washcloth. The hook has been flying!

  9. Anna Says:

    I`m going to applique calico tote bags which will have a little surprize in them.


  10. Sandy Norman Says:

    I have made wool felt posy pincushions….


  11. Cass Says:

    Belinda not sure why I left you off the list, sorry.

  12. Cath Says:

    I’m well underway with my contribution…little pincushion elephants!

  13. Kayscha Says:

    Hi, i am plugging away on cross stitches but I got in touch with Cass to let her know that i may need to pull out last minute…however I saw an idea for a gorgoeus lace + tulle brooch that won’t be so time consuming so thinking I will stop the stitching and start the brooch making so I can guarantee that I will not turn up empty handed – so count me in still please!

  14. Becky et al. Says:

    I will be making a lot of handmade soap for the swap!

  15. Megan Kay Says:

    I am definitely still in! I haven’t made my final decision as to what I am making but I will know once this weekend is over (I have a Mathilda’s Market), then I can focus on this. So, I will come back and update then.

  16. jennifer Says:

    I plan to be involved. I just have to think of what to make and trying to get the time to make it. If anyone has any good ideas let me know.

  17. jennifer Says:

    I am in! I have worked out what I am going to make – quilted coasters

  18. lisa :: the red thread Says:

    I’m definitely in too, but have no idea what I’m going to make yet. I work better under pressure (AKA I leave things to the last minute).

  19. Bronwyn Says:

    I am making voile scarves and Wendy is making mini quilts

  20. Bronwyn Says:

    Tea Bag Wallets??? I’m intrigued.

  21. Amy Pluis Says:

    I’m on the list and I will be making some type of handbag each for my swap partners.

  22. Hilary Says:

    I’m making small sewing kit/project wallets.

  23. Updated info, important stuff…….and something new! « Sew It Together Says:

    […] haven’t responded to the post about the Sample Swap, so if you haven’t, please do so here ASAP. […]

  24. Juddie Says:

    Hi all,
    I’ve made some soothing eye pillows and ? ….. am still deciding on an additional little something … perhaps a hand-printed laundry/shoe bag, perhaps a felt scarf ….. or something else …

  25. Bronwyn Says:

    eek peoples – don’t make multiple gifts!!! It’s making me worried that I am not doing enough!

  26. Kayscha Says:

    I am with you Bronwyn, I thought the same! x

  27. Gillian R Says:

    Don’t worry Bronwyn & Kayscha. I’m only making one per person!! I’m a very busy gal!! I’m making brooches for my swap partners. 🙂

  28. Sheridan Says:

    Some of those making multiple items are in more than one swap group…eg Lara.

    Please don’t overdo it peeps! One thing is more than adequate!!

  29. thornberry Says:

    Eeeep! Sorry, didn’t mean to pressure anyone – I just got overly excited with the crochet hook so doubled up with my groups. One thing is LOADS everyone!

  30. Marina Says:

    Hi, I will be making zippered pouches! Keen to practise my zippering skills….

  31. Leah Says:

    Please add me to the list – and I’ll decide tomorrow which of my top three I’ll be making 🙂

  32. Karen Says:

    I’m still in Sheridan – making little needle books and either scarves or little flex-frame purses. Can’t decide!

  33. pinkfishbluefish Says:

    My fabric still hasn’t arrived! I ordered the voile from the US a month ago so I’m not happy it’s not here! If it doesn’t come today or tomorrow I will have to pull out of the swap 😦 Hurry up Australia Post!

  34. tins and needles Says:

    Sorry about the delay…I’m making fold-up tote bags. See you on Sat!

  35. pinkfishbluefish Says:

    The fabric arrived today! I’ll have to stay up late tonight and get my swap items finished 🙂

  36. Leah Says:

    Finally remembered to return and update – I’m making little fabric baskets. Yes, still making! I’m one of the great procrastinators…

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