Sunday Morning at Material Obsession

You can now book your place on the bus to Material Obsession on Sunday morning right here!

We’re leaving the city at 9:30am (rise and shine everyone) and heading out to the brand new Material Obsession shop in a lovely old sandstone terrace at Birkenhead Point.*

The shop will be opening just for us! You’ll get time to do some fabric shopping, have a look at the beautiful quilts on display and Kathy will be doing some demonstrations for you.

The bus will leave from Material Obsession and go straight to the Sydney Domestic Airport for those of you flying home early afternoon. If you wish to go back to the city, then you can catch a train from the airport and head back into town, or you can catch a bus from Birkenhead Point (own arrangements).

The bus *should* arrive at the airport by 1:00pm, but I take no responsibility for anybody missing a flight. I would suggest that you do not book a flight with a departure time before 3:00pm.

* I can not guarantee 100% that Material Obsession will be in their new premises by then, but they do expect to be moved by this date.

** I am reserving the right to cancel this trip should minimum numbers not be achieved. Your money will be refunded in full should this happen.

Come along! It will be a lovely morning!

(And that’s Sunday 27th March, for the record!)


One Response to “Sunday Morning at Material Obsession”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Yay! Sounds lovely!

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