Material Obsession Workshops!

You might remember that I mentioned these back here…..Kathy from Material Obsession has generously offered to run small group workshops at the Saturday Crafting Session. I’m now pleased to be able to give you the details!

The Workshops

#1 Wedge Ruler – 10:00am

The wedge ruler is a great template that will enable you to easily make things like wagon wheels and quick, interesting strips (good for borders)!

#2 Flying Geese – 11:00am

Do you have trouble with your geese? This might be the workshop for you! Get your flying geese right, and the possibilities are endless! See some great geese here, here, here and here!

#3 60 Degree Triangles – 2:00pm

Otherwise known as an equilateral triangle, it looks like this, and you can use this template to make simple beauties like this and amazing beauties like this!

#4 Hand Piecing – 3:00pm

Hand piecing is pretty impressive – I’ve seen some beautiful blocks made by this method. Using templates like these, you can make gorgeous blocks like these!

The Scoop

  • Kathy and her crew from MO will show you and teach you how to use these templates and techniques.
  • You will need to bring along some scrap fabrics to work with.
  • You can bring your own template, or you can purchase one on the day from Kathy (Wedge rulers $15-$42, Flying Geese $33, 60 Degree Triangle $22).
  • Workshops will last about 45 minutes.
  • There is no cost for the workshop.

The Rules

  • You may only attend one workshop.
  • Maximum 6 people per workshop.
  • I can’t think of any more rules.

How To Join a Workshop

  • I’ll open up 4 threads, one for each workshop, on the Sew It Together Facebook Page on Saturday the 12th of February at 11:00am.
  • Please leave your name as a comment under the thread of the workshop that you would like to attend, in this manner:
    • #1 Becky
    • #2 Kylie
    • #3 Cass
    • So when you see that already in the thread, please add ‘#4 {your name}’ to the list.
    • These numbers relate to the number of people attending, not the number of the workshop.
    • Once you see ‘#6 Megan’ you’ll know that the workshop is full
  • Once it’s full, you may put your name down as a ‘reserve’ in case one of the first 6 later pulls out of Sew It Together, or doesn’t show up on the day.
    • Like this – #1R – Kelly
    • I will take up to 3 names in reserve for each workshop.
    • You may not put your name down as a reserve for any workshop if you have already taken a spot in the first 6 of another.
    • You may only put your name down as a reserve once.
  • I would therefore like the signups to look like this (named used only as examples):
    • #1 Becky
    • #2 Kylie
    • #3 Cass
    • #4 Kelli
    • #5 Bronwyn
    • #6 Megan
    • #1R Kelly
    • #2R Karen
    • #3R Donna
  • If you have any questions about this, please let me know in advance!
  • **Important – how do you leave a comment on a Facebook thread?? Just write your comment, then press ENTER on your keyboard. There is no button to press to submit your comment. Tres confusing.**

Conscientious Facebook Objectors

  • I understand that not everyone uses Facebook. If you have already informed me that you don’t (you know who you are), and you would like to attend a workshop, please email me in advance at, before signups begin and tell me which workshop you would like to attend (actually give me 2 choices, just in case). I repeat, email me before signups begin and your request will be noted. I know that this appears to give preferential treatment to the non-FB ladies, but go easy on me. Remember I do this for the love of it, and for you, and all I am trying to do is keep everybody happy. Okay?

The End

  • Now you can get excited about learning something new on the day. Along with all the other cool stuff that’s happening.
  • A huge thank you to Kathy and the MO crew for doing all this for you for free!
  • And that is all I have to say  🙂

One Response to “Material Obsession Workshops!”

  1. andi Says:

    I am seething with envy. Wish I could be there!!!
    And I am brimming with admiration for you Sheridan.
    How do you do it clever chick?
    Andi xx

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