Sew It Together Sponsor – The Red Thread!

I’m delighted to tell you today that Lisa from The Red Thread has offered to sponsor Sew It Together!

If you haven’t seen Lisa’s gorgeous Sweetie Petites…..

or Ooshka Babushkas….

around the place, then I am not sure which rock you live under (but you should come on out from under there!). Both of these are fantastically easy-peasy sewing projects that are great for beginners, and perfect for quickly whipped up gifts for kids. Cass is a huge fan of these for presents and think I’ll follow her lead once Emmeline starts going to birthday parties!

Speaking of Emmeline – I know she would just adore this….

…the Hello Birdie Pillow/Cushion pattern!

(Oh, crap – I just found the Ooshka boys! How did I not know these existed? I am ordering one right now to make for Henry!)

Lisa is an amazingly talented artist – I really urge you to go and have a look through her online shop here at some of her creations – Vintage Storybook Tiles, Sushibird Tiles, Chalkboard Eggs and much more.

And because I need one of those Birdie pillows, I am excited to tell you that, for the participants at the Saturday Crafting Session, everybody will receive a Hello Birdie Pillow pattern (valued at $14!) in their goody bag!

AND, Lisa has donated a set of 5 x Sweetie Petites kits (valued at $100) to the prize pool at the Saturday Crafting Session!

Thank you so much Lisa for your support of Sew It Together, and we are thrilled that you’ll be joining us in person at the Saturday Crafting Session!


3 Responses to “Sew It Together Sponsor – The Red Thread!”

  1. chaletgirl Says:

    PS I didn’t know that Becky lived under a rock until after I wrote this post. No offence, Becky 🙂

  2. Becky Says:

    Lucky for me I have indeed heard of The Red Thread, although only recently 😉

    I think I see more of these in my future too as they are just so adorable!

  3. Sara Says:

    I can thank Cass for enlightening me to The Red Thread. 🙂

    Thank you to Lisa. That is very generous of her to be giving us all the Hello Birdie pillow pattern!

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