Sew It Together Sponsor – The Oz Material Girls!

I’m very happy to welcome back another sponsor from last year – The Oz Material Girls!

Last year, I told you all about their fabulous online store, and I am not sure I can say it any better this year, so please go and read it again here.

What I can tell you that is new for this year, is the Facebook Sale Page, where The Oz Material Girls run $1 auctions and bargain Buy It Now sales!

And what is also happening right now, is the amazing Flood Appeal Auctions on their Facebook page. There are just under 400 crafty items being auctioned right now, with all proceeds going to the Queensland flood victims. Go here – 400 auctions!!!

And don’t forget, The Oz Material Girls have a sister shop, Patterns Only where you can find a huge range of sewing patterns, including my new favourite pattern, the Make It Perfect Shearwater Kaftan!

Louise at The Oz Material Girls has been so kind to offer to sponsor Sew It Together again this year, and she’s donating 10 x $10 gift vouchers to the prize pool at the Saturday Crafting Session! Spreading it around so as many of you as possible can do a little shopping at either The Oz Material Girls or Patterns Only. Thank you so much, Louise!


One Response to “Sew It Together Sponsor – The Oz Material Girls!”

  1. Becky Says:

    I didn’t think you would be able to come up with MORE good stuff for SIT but you have just proven me wrong! I have discovered TOMG via FB recently but I hadn’t realised they had ‘patterns only’ as well, more info to file away for a rainy day 🙂

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