Sew It Together Sponsor – Polly Pratt!

Again, I am delighted to welcome back another sponsor from last year‘s event, and that is Polly Pratt!

The delightful Anna, who is making the trip up to Sydney for Sew It Together, makes the most beautiful clothes!


Here is Miss Emmeline, this morning, in a mini Polly Pratt dress that Anna gave her last year….

Isn’t it divine?

You can buy your own Polly Pratt dress at….

  • The Olive Grove Studios, Sydney Road, Brunswick, Melbourne,
  • Incube8r, Smith St, Fitzroy, Melbourne,
  • Incube8r, Myahgah Mews, Mosman, Sydney, and
  • the Polly Pratt Facebook page

But I am really thrilled to tell you that Anna is donating 3 Polly Pratt Wendy dresses, the new V-necked ones, to the prize pool at the Saturday Crafting Session! She’s going to bring a variety of sizes with her, so you’ll be able to choose one to suit!

Thank you Anna for your incredible generosity! And we look forward to seeing you again at Sew It Together!


3 Responses to “Sew It Together Sponsor – Polly Pratt!”

  1. Becky Says:

    Ok, it would seem I really do live under a rock. How is it I have never heard of Polly Pratt (oh the shame to admit it!). I have just liked the FB page and have only one other thing to add: Size 10 please 😉

  2. Anna Boyd-Dunlop Says:


    Your daughter looks great.

    Sorry it`s taken so long to write a reply, i`m still madly sewing it always takes longer than you think.

    Looking forward to coming.


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