Accommodation – Sydney

As you know The Menzies Hotel have offered discounted rates for accommodation for Sew It Together attendees, but I do understand that the room rates there are still quite expensive.

Here are some other potential accommodation venues, close-ish to the Menzies, for you to check out if you haven’t already booked somewhere:

  • The YHA at Sydney Harbour is just about the cheapest accommodation you’ll find anywhere reasonably near to The Menzies that’s decent and clean. If you are prepared to share, there are quite a few rooms already being organised by SIT ladies – if you are interested in sharing, see the Sew It Together group on Facebook, or leave a comment here and you might be able to find some others to share a room with. A bed in a 4-share room with private bathroom will cost you $96 for two nights. A twin/double room with private bathroom will cost you $314 for two nights.
  • The Wynyard Travelodge at York Street appears to be about the same cost as The Menzies, but last year they did have some specials, only available to book on Tuesdays, where the price was significantly reduced. Worth keeping an eye on.
  • The Mantra on Kent is a slightly longer walk to The Menzies, but I visited there late last year when some friends were staying there, and I thought the rooms were pretty good for the price. It’s not a bargain, but it is clean and comfortable.
  • Napoleon on Kent is a very cheap hotel which is pretty close to The Menzies, but it does get mixed reviews on Tripadvisor. It is under a freeway, and could be quite noisy. I have not been there. I only mention it here, because it is very cheap – if budget is your #1 priority and the YHA doesn’t suit. Cost looks like approx $310 for two nights.

That’s about all I can come up with! If the YHA and the Menzies don’t suit, go and have a look at for those dates, click on the brown “Show a map” button, and see what you can find  – whether you want to be close to The Menzies (which is right at Wynyard Station) or not is completely up to you!

Good luck!



3 Responses to “Accommodation – Sydney”

  1. Sandy Norman Says:

    Do you still have places available to go….



  2. Konak Hotel Istanbul Says:

    Konak Hotel offers its guests who want to feel the spirit of Istanbul and at the same time enjoy a sense of quality with a blend of traditional Turkish hospitality and a sense of true boutique service. Comfort and the technological resources are also provided for all you’re needs. We make your business trip productive and your vacation unforgettable. Konak Hotel’s great location is just 400 meters from Taxim square, the heart of Istanbul, where you will find restaurants, bars, museums, historical locations, shopping streets and business centers easily

  3. amy (badskirt) Says:

    I love the spam comment above from the hotel in Istanbul. I assume that’s not a preferred SIT location? *grin*

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