Bookings opening for Friday’s Events TODAY

Bookings are opening today at 11am Brisbane time, 12pm Sydney time for the Friday Fabric Shopping Trip and the Friday Prints Charming Stitching Session.

I admit, I should have given you more notice here…I completely forgot, sorry!

You can join our Facebook group for more notifications, although I will always notify you here as well (hopefully with more than an hour’s notice next time…oops).

See link at top post for Big Cartel shop. Good luck!


6 Responses to “Bookings opening for Friday’s Events TODAY”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Whoo hoo! Got my shopping trip! Now to start saving for the shopping ….

  2. Bronwyn Says:

    I’m in the Prints Charming session – wahooo!

    Can’t remember if I was meant to put my blog name when I bought it, but Bronwyn H is Whippet Good!!!

  3. Gillian R Says:

    Yee haw!! Got into the shopping trip. ♥♥♥

  4. Kelly Fiedler Says:

    The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round
    The ladies on the bus go…. yipppeeeeeee, I got a seat, let’s SHOP!!!!! 😉

  5. Juddie Says:

    Hi Sheridan, I forgot to add clarifying details to my payment for the shopping trip when I paid with Paypal …. my transaction ID was 47B53723DD834922G, and it’s booked under the name Justine Boyd (which is really only used by y mother when she’s angry!). Looking forward to joining you all 🙂 Juddie

  6. Sasha Faint Says:

    Hi there
    I would love to come to the Saturday craft day but I can’t find any information on what is actually happening on that day. I also can’t find the Facebook group.
    Can you please post a link to the facebook group and some information about the Saturday craft day and what’s included for the fee.
    Thanks muchly 🙂

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