Sew It Together sponsor – Pink Chalk Fabrics!

I mentioned in my post yesterday that I have a few favourite US online fabric stores, and I am so happy to tell you that my other favourite store, Pink Chalk Fabrics, is also sponsoring Sew It Together Sydney 2011!

Kathy Mack is the genius behind Pink Chalk Fabrics, and I have been reading her blog, Pink Chalk Studio, since well before she even started selling fabric. Kathy sews, and designs her own patterns, and her blog is a constant source of inspiration for my crafting, and it came as no surprise that when she started to sell fabric, she sells my kind of fabric.

Pink Chalk Fabrics has grown enormously since it first started with just a small range of fabric for sale. You can now find all your favourite fabric designers and much, much more. Kathy stocks an enormous range of patterns, including a whole section of downloadable patterns where you don’t have to wait for the postman to bring it to you. Now that’s my kind of pattern, because when I want to get started, I want to start NOW.

There’s a book section, with the latest, most gorgeous craft books available, and magazines, including the ever popular Ottobre magazines and Fat Quarterly subscriptions available for purchase.

But back to the fabric….I can’t imagine that there is a fabric that you want that Kathy doesn’t stock. Honestly, it’s just all there. The list of fabrics by designer is longer than my Christmas to-do list (and that is long). Have a look at the colour stacks – piles of co-ordinated fabrics for those of us who find it a challenge doing it ourselves.

The two things that I love the most about Pink Chalk Fabrics, without a doubt, are the Kona solids and the customer service.

I was first introduced, years ago, to Kona Cotton Solids by Pink Chalk Fabrics, when I picked up a fat quarter pack to see exactly what these Kona fabrics were all about. I ended up using these in my Mod Sampler quilt top and fell in love with the huge range of colours. Pink Chalk Fabrics is one of the few places that you can buy a Kona Cotton Colour Card, and trust me when I say that if you use solids, you NEED one of these cards. You’ll never have to worry about choosing a solid colour based on the colour on your monitor.

Now, the huge range of Kona Cotton Solids at Pink Chalk Fabrics makes it my first stop online when I need more. When I needed solid fabrics for my Mondrian blocks for a quilting bee, I went straight to Pink Chalk. And am I ever glad that I did.

See, what happened is this. I ordered enough solids to fill two flat-rate envelopes. One arrived, as quickly as always, and the other…….did not. I gave it a couple of weeks in case it had gone via Austria……but nothing. I sent a tentative email to Kathy, just asking her to double check that, in fact, two envelopes had been sent. They had, indeed, as Kathy had the custom ID numbers of both packages. Kathy immediately offered to resend the missing envelope. I said that that wasn’t at all fair – it wasn’t her fault that it had gone missing! She replied quickly and said that no, that was their policy, or I could have a refund. Flabbergasted by the Kathy’s generosity, I said ‘okay’ and sure enough, a replacement parcel arrived almost immediately from the US. (That original parcel never did arrive – where do missing fabric parcels go???).

So if I hadn’t quite realised the benefits of ordering from Pink Chalk Fabrics before, I certainly did after that. You just can’t beat that kind of service, and for those of us who like to buy fabrics from thousands of kilometres away, it’s incredibly reassuring.

Anyway, it’s not all about me (much), so I should also let you know that Pink Chalk Fabrics also stocks lots of other quilting solids that you might like (or need) like Freespirit Designer Solids, Moda Bella Solids, Amy Butler Quilting Solids and more. You can find them all here.

In summary, go and have a browse through the comprehensive range of products that Pink Chalk Fabrics stocks. You will not be disappointed! You can sign up for the store newsletter here and you mustn’t miss the new series of Chalk Talk Sewing Tips on Kathy’s blog – there have only been two so far, but they are fantastic tips!


What does Kathy have in store for the Sew It Together 2011 participants??

I mentioned above that Kathy is a pattern designer herself, and you can see her patterns for sale here.

Kathy has generously offered, to everyone coming to the Saturday Crafting Session, a free Pencil Roll Pattern, along with a quilt sizes card (these are SO handy!) and a discount coupon for Pink Chalk Fabrics.

So go and have a look around at the online store (and see if you can resist and wait for your coupon – good luck!) and I am sure you will be impressed by what you’ll find there. I can’t wait to get my hands on Kathy’s Pencil Roll Pattern, because my kids each need one of those!

I’m so grateful to Kathy for her generosity, and also her support for this event. Being a blogger herself, she understands this community and she is excited for the opportunities that it offers everyone who attends. Thank you so much, Kathy!


6 Responses to “Sew It Together sponsor – Pink Chalk Fabrics!”

  1. Bronwyn Says:

    I second the motion! I have literally just come off Pink Chalk Website (after purchasing a little bit of something hehe!) to find it a Sponsor! Yay Yay!! Yes – I love their customer service too- there is also a policy that if there is a sale happening, but you purchase a little before or after – they will give you a gift certificate for the discount!

  2. Esther Says:

    These guys are really spoiling us 🙂

  3. Susie Says:

    This has come at the perfect time. I was just thinking it was time to dip in to the Kona Cotton Solids pool and splash about a bit. Who better to teach me to swim than Pink Chalk Fabrics. Great blog too. Well done Sheridan.

  4. Helen Says:

    Ohhh, lovely news! Kathy’s shop and service are fantastic!

  5. Becky Says:

    There have been so many posts of late Sheridan, that I missed this one until now!

    I do shop at Pink Chalk Fabrics but have not tried any of thier in house patterns so this will be fun. A coupon is always welcome too, given I always seem to need more fabric for some project or other.

    I am looking forward to playing with some Kona fabrics, and am lucky that I get to experiment on Sheridan’s mondrian blocks before too long 🙂


  6. quilting fabric Says:

    quilting fabric…

    […]Sew It Together sponsor – Pink Chalk Fabrics! « Sew It Together[…]…

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