Sew It Together sponsor – Hawthorne Threads!

It’s no secret, if you are an Australian fabric lover, that it is much, much cheaper to buy your US fabric from overseas than from your local quilt shop. Of course, a local quilt shop can never be matched for it’s personal service, advice, social network and classes, etc, but sometimes you just need your American fabric and you need it cheap.

The big question is where to buy it from online?

I have a few favourite US online fabric stores, and I am delighted to tell you at least one of them has offered to be a sponsor of Sew It Together 2011.

I can’t imagine that you haven’t heard of Hawthorne Threads before, but if you haven’t, then this is an online shop that you’ll be thrilled to discover. Lindsay started the ‘shop’ on Etsy back in 2008, but they have since grown the business so much that it’s now a stand alone online store and both Lindsay and her husband Charlie work full time at Hawthorne Threads. Don’t you love the idea of a husband and wife team (childhood sweethearts, no less!) running a fabric business together?

Hawthorne Threads stocks an amazing range of fabric; all your favourite designers, in all the latest substrates (think Anna Maria Horner’s voiles and velveteens) and more. What I love about looking down the long list of ‘New Arrivals‘ at Hawthorne Threads, is that they stock fabrics that I haven’t heard of, and that aren’t from my favourite designers, but that I instantly love.

All of their fabrics are modern, fresh and inspiring. Not a batik or a civil war reproduction to be found on the entire site!

If you’re like me and love to buy lots of fabric within a particular range, you can buy fat quarter packs in the Pre-cut section, often by colourway (love this option!). And I have to admit, they have fabrics in their Japanese Imports section that I didn’t even see in Japan.

And, again, if you’re like me, and you like your fabric to arrive from the US as quickly as is humanly possible, then you’re in great hands shopping at Hawthorne Threads, because I am continually astonished at how quickly their parcels arrive. I love the image I have of Charlie or Lindsay jumping up as my order arrives, cutting it up and getting it in the post the same day….and I know that’s a fantasy….but then I swear it must actually happen, because their shipping is FAST.

You can keep track of what’s new at Hawthorne Threads by signing up for their email newsletter on the home page here, and subscribing to their blog, Behind The Seams

Now comes the fun part! I bet you’re dying to know what Charlie and Lindsay have in mind for those of you coming to Sew It Together?

Everyone coming along to the Saturday Crafting Session will receive, in their Innergreen show bag, a scrap pack of fabrics from Hawthorne Threads. Not just any scrap pack though, we’re talking 2 yards of fabric. TWO YARDS. Each!

That is an offer of up to 200 yards of fabric, and is an incredibly generous offer for you girls!

I’ve just noticed that they are selling these packs for $9.50 on their website…….but for you…. FREE!

The packs will be coming closer to the time, so they will have fairly new, fresh fabric scraps from the latest ranges early next year.

I’ll give you a moment to calm down….


Now I am not sure if this was supposed to be a surprise or not, but Charlie and Lindsay are hoping to come to Sydney next year at some point. They would LOVE to make it to Sew It Together, but March is not a great time for them to be away from Hawthorne Threads. I did promise them that when they come to Sydney, if it’s not in March, we’ll have a smaller scale get together so that they can meet lots of Australian craft bloggers, so keep that in mind, folks. Let’s show Charlie and Lindsay what a great craft blog community we have here!


A huge, enormous thank you to both Charlie and Lindsay for their sponsorship of Sew It Together and their generosity. I’m a little bit dumbfounded at the idea of all that fabric crossing the Pacific Ocean to us, and then hopefully Charlie and Lindsay themselves at some point. Thank you so very much, Hawthorne Threads!


7 Responses to “Sew It Together sponsor – Hawthorne Threads!”

  1. Megan Kay Says:

    Wow that is amazing! And so generous! I love buying fabric from Hawthorne Threads as you say the shipping is so speedy! And I love that on their business cards it says “Two Love Birds Who Love Fabric”, that is so cool. I am so so excited about SIT 2011, bring it on!

  2. Anna Boyd-Dunlop Says:

    I had better pay my deposit this weekend . Looking forward to it.


  3. Susie Says:

    OMG! Hawthorne Threads have such lovely fabrics there won’t be an tossable scrap in there. And 2 yards… WOW that is generous. I didn’t realise they had a blog so I have just subscribed. Well Done Sheridan.

  4. Becky Says:

    Yikes!! When my heart rate settles back down I will sign up for their newsletter. The dollar is so great right now that I may take your advice and have a proper look too 🙂

    Gosh, I am really looking forward to March!

  5. andi Says:

    You bloody ripper!!

  6. Bronwyn Says:

    I’m going to need another suitcase.

  7. Karen Says:

    These guys are great Sheridan – and that’s such a generous offer.
    It gets more exciting every day!

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