Our First Sponsors!

I’m delighted to tell you that we already have some sponsors for Sew It Together Sydney 2011!

A huge thank you to our very own bloggers/small business owners who have been so quick to jump in and sponsor SIT;

  • Retromummy – despite barely arriving home from hospital with baby #4, Corrie was the first to jump in (again!) with an offer to sponsor Sew It Together next year. You’ll all receive a little bit of delicious Retromummy fabric in your goody bags!
  • Vintage Ric-Rac – the genius behind such legendary favourites as Ernst (who nearly caused a papparazzi stampede at SIT 2010), Small-Bot and Cat-Bot, and newer heroes, Fiskar, Olfa and Guterman; Jodie has again offered to sponsor Sew It Together, and throw some free stuff our way!
  • Posie Patchwork – another busy mother of 4, Jennie, who started Posie Patchwork 11 years ago, creates all manner of gorgeous goodies and sells beautiful fabrics in her online store, at Shop Handmade in Canberra, and at lots of other markets around ACT and NSW. Jennie will be popping a little bit of Posie magic into your goody bags!

Ladies, thank you so much. You are each a perfect example of the kind, generous bloggers that I have come to know and treasure in this community. I am sure everyone appreciates your generosity; given so warmly and without hesitation. Thank you!


    4 Responses to “Our First Sponsors!”

    1. Becky Says:

      Yay! And thanks 🙂

    2. Juddie Says:

      Thank you so much, you wonderful sponsor gals! Hooray!

    3. Kayscha Says:

      How wonderful, thank you!!!

    4. Posie Patchwork Says:

      Oh yippee, pleasure, happy to donate, sponsor & share the love, kisses, love Posie

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