Bookings are open for Sydney 2011

I’m delighted to announce that bookings are now open for Sew It Together Sydney 2011!

Here is the information that you need to know:

  • The Saturday Crafting Session is the main event of the weekend, and you must buy a ‘ticket’ to this to attend any of the other events*.
  • The cost is $125 per person for the Crafting Session, but if you pay your deposit before 30 November, 2010, you will receive an early bird discount of $10 per person which brings it down to $115 per person.
  • Deposit is $50 per person.
  • There are 4 other ‘smaller’ events that I’ll have further details for soon. They start from lunchtime on Friday and finish at lunchtime on Sunday.
  • Once you pay your deposit, you will have a confirmed place at Sew It Together 2011. I can only refund your deposit if I can fill your spot. (For the record, this year I was able to refund the full payment to everybody who cancelled, so please understand that I am careful with your money. I will always do my best to find a replacement for your place, but obviously I cannot guarantee it).
  • Remember, this event is open only to genuine bloggers who like to sew, knit, quilt or crochet, etc. Please make sure that you include your blog address in the Message To Seller field. I reserve the right to return the deposit to you (at your cost) if you buy a ticket and are not a genuine craft blogger.

And here are the details that you have been waiting for!

The Saturday Crafting Session will be held at the Menzies Hotel, Carrington Street, Sydney. We have a lovely room reserved for us, with large windows, lots of light and plenty of room for us. The location is fantastic – directly above one of Sydney’s main city train stations (Wynyard), and close to the main city bus routes along George St and York St. Tessuti (Sydney City) is just around the corner, and Morris & Sons is just a little further up York St. It’s also just a 10 minute walk to the wondrous world of Kinokuniya, Sydney. Included in the cost is morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and your SIT attendance package which includes your goody bag, lanyard and information booklet. The Session runs from 9:00am to 4:30pm on Saturday 26th March, 2011 and the cost is $125 ($115 for early birds) per person for the day.

You can buy your ticket here!

*This is so that my fixed costs (mostly insurance) are covered.  I am sorry that I cannot be flexible with this – no exceptions will be made!

PS If you are interested in being a sponsor of Sew It Together Sydney 2011, please contact me at!



    33 Responses to “Bookings are open for Sydney 2011”

    1. Becky Says:

      Paid! I am really looking forward to meeting up with everyone 🙂

    2. bec Says:

      Oh, yay, that has seriously brightened up my day! And I get paid tomorrow, so you’ll def get the deposit off me! It is sooo good of you to organise it again, and am glad you’re charging more- this year’s was worth a million bucks! And we’d HATE you to be short money again!

    3. Lisa Says:

      I’m due to have a baby either that week or the week after by caesar! I loved it last year in Melbourne, and was soo looking forward to it again. Hopefully when I see my obstetrician next week he can give me an idea which week it will be and I can book before it’s full.

    4. andi Says:

      Paid!! Yay for another fabulous weekend!!!

    5. Juddie Says:

      Paid! Looking forward to it immensely!

      BTW – my payment was made under the name Justine Boyd. I never go by the name Justine in real life … it’s what my mum calls me when she’s angry with me! So anyway – that’s me from flightlessboyds.

    6. Katia (Plushka) Says:

      Paid:) Cannot wait to meet everyone!

    7. trash Says:

      😦 Not that I wish the untimely demise of anyone I know but I reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaalllly wish I was comming next year too.

    8. ingrid Says:

      YAY, I can’t wait!
      After missing this year I have been waiting so excitedly for this announcement. How exciting!

    9. Cass Ward Says:

      Paid, can’t wait.

    10. Karen Says:

      Woo hoo – paid and fares booked and paid for too!!

    11. Sew It Together – Sydney 2011 « Chaletgirl Says:

      […] If, like Cass (who just called me to complain), you don’t have the Sew It Together blog in your reader and you missed the big announcement, it is here. […]

    12. Bronwyn Says:

      Wahoo! I am coming. Super excited!!

    13. notquitecrafty Says:

      I’ve paid, but do I qualify as a genuine crafty blogger????

      If I do qualify, I am really looking forward to it!

    14. Bronwyn Says:

      Deposit paid! checking out flights – is it too early?

    15. Bronwyn Says:

      Is there any kind of discount accommodation for SIT gals? Just had a look at Menzies site and typed in the dates and got $600? Anything a little bit cheaper??

      • Becky Says:

        Bronwyn, I saw that too. I did not run all the options to see if sharing a room made a big difference but that might help.

        I have to look into it further…

      • Sheridan Says:

        Still working on that!

        There are a number of cheaper options close by if needed. (Which unfortunately didn’t have the space for us, otherwise I would have chosen there instead!)

        I’ll keep you posted!

    16. Bianca Says:

      Yay! Deposit paid, for me and Fi!!

    17. corrie Says:

      paid and can’t wait!!!!!!!!!! in my home town too 🙂

    18. donna Says:

      I have paid as well and looking forward to seeing every one again!

    19. Kayscha Says:

      I have paid and I am so excited.

    20. Posie Patchwork Says:

      So want to come, my home town (childhood) & just have to check it doesn’t clash with a Handmade Market in Canberra. Yippee, love Posie

    21. Marina Says:

      Hooray, again!

    22. Alissa Says:

      I have paid, I can’t wait!!!!!

    23. Kylie Says:

      Yy – so want to come to this:) Pending hubby though – maybe I should just pay and be done with it (can a 2 and 5 year old look after each other for a weekend???)

    24. Helen Says:

      I am so there this year! Well next year!

    25. Kylie Says:

      Paid:) Now just need to sort out the kids:)

    26. Posie Patchwork Says:

      Yippee, i’m in too, yayayay!! Love Posie

    27. Saffron Craig fabrics Says:

      Yes I have paid. It sounds like it will a lot of fun. Thanks for organizing the event.

    28. Michelle Says:

      I hope it’s not too late! I’d love to come along to this. Off to pay my deposit now!

    29. Shiree Says:

      I wish had seen this much earlier, my friend and I were looking for an Asutralian weekend that we could join in on, are yu able to let me know when and if this will happen in 2012??

    30. Diane Vukelic Says:

      hi Chaletgirl
      Love the idea of a “sew it together” event – well done.

      We are a sewing school in Rozelle – for children and adults – with a lovely venue looking to expand our offering. If you would like to have a chat, we would love to meet you.
      Also, we desperatley need sewing teachers if tthat is of interest to you…

      hope to hear from you soon

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