Sydney 2011

I wish I could give you all the details for next year’s Sew It Together, but I am still working on them.

You should know that the tentative date is 25-27 March 2011. It will be in Sydney.

If you click through to the blog now, you can see the new Sydney 2011 logo!

If you’d like a button like the one on the right for your own blog, please email me at for the button code.

A huge thank you to Donna for creating next year’s logos. I love the colours, they remind me of a sunny Sydney summer!


12 Responses to “Sydney 2011”

  1. Juddie Says:

    Oooh! Looking forward to it!

  2. Cathy Says:

    Woo hoo – sounds lovely!

  3. Toni Says:

    Sounds great. Lovely the sunny colours on the logo.

  4. Andi Says:

    Can’t wait!!

  5. Elizabeth McMahon Says:

    So looking forward to it Sheridan….

  6. corrie Says:

    well done! i know how much work you are putting into all of this right now


  7. notquitecrafty Says:

    Looks very bright & cheery!!

  8. Bronwyn Says:

    Thanks Donna!! Thanks Sheridan – emailing you now!

  9. Katia (Plushka) Says:

    Sounds great! Love new logo too!

  10. Claire Says:

    HOORAY! I was so bummed I missed the last one, can’t wait.

  11. Helen Says:

    Just pasted the button in the blog! I am official Sheridan!!!!

  12. Susan L Says:

    Great colours for 2011 … I’m loving orange more and more these days. I’m really looking forward to this again.

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