Talk to me!

I’ve been busy looking at venues for Sew It Together Sydney 2011 and I wouldn’t mind hearing your opinions on the following:

  1. How important is location? Would you prefer a CBD venue? Would you like somewhere where you can go and explore some great Sydney crafty shops close by? **Not shops that will be covered at another time**
  2. Are you prepared to pay up to $20 extra per person for a central/CBD location?
  3. How important is it for there to be accommodation attached to the venue?
  4. I’d love a venue with natural light. Is that important to you? How important?

Any venue will have to be accessible by public transport, so take that as a given.

I know everyone will have differing opinions, and I know I can’t please everybody, but again, this event is for YOU, so please share your thoughts. Thanks!


23 Responses to “Talk to me!”

  1. trash Says:

    Well, to be honest I would like it right at the start of The West Country, preferably in a lovely old converted barn. Public transport may be a slight issue but the view will more than make up for it. That will work for everyone won’t it???

  2. Elizabeth McMahon Says:

    Yes Trash, of course!!

    Seriously, in order:

    1. Having not been to Sydney for more years than I’d like to admit, it would be nice to be in the city rather than the burbs, although, yes it would be great to be close to quilty places.

    2. Yes.

    3. Honestly? I’d prefer to be onsite, but I could live with whatever the majority says.

    4. Very Important to have natural light I think, although in all fairness Citigate was OK as far as that went. It would have been nice to have some windows, slightly less claustrophobic!

    Hope it helps Sheridan.

  3. Tanya Holt Says:

    And wouldn’t it be good if we could get generous airline sponsors for THAT Trash- as we saw this year- never underestimate a sponsor!!
    Okay, Sheridan. I will be coming from interstate (and have not got a very big ‘disposable income’), so this is my opinion
    Natural light would be nice but not essential- as long as the lighting is good.
    The Sydney equivalent of say, Northcote would be fine with me- get someone knowledgable of both cities to translate because I do not know Sydney at all. Accomodation close by so we can lug stuff not too far- on site ideal but not compulsory- at the risk of sounding scabby (but being realistic) I would rather pay less and not have accom onsite.
    If the venue isn’t miles away I would prefer not to pay the ‘city surcharge’ and about the shops, I figure I will be there for 3 days so don’t need to be walking distance from the cool crafty shops on the saturday crafty session because hopefully that will be covered in a shopping trip like you girls went on in melb.
    Like you said, just an opinion and food for thought.

  4. Cathy Says:

    1 – central is handy as it accommodates those who want to stay with friends (could be far and wide!) and also those who want to stay in the city. Public transport into the city is always reliable, as opposed to getting out from the city to somewhere … else.
    2 – definitely. no prob. totally worth it.
    3 – no big deal to me. handy but not worth worrying about it not poss.
    4 – some natural light would be nice – or even a breakout space that had some (foyer or somewhere we could check colours etc)

    As for being near craft shops, I think that if you’re able to cover off by having a tour of the best haunts on a seperate day, then that would account for not staying near them.

  5. jodie Says:

    Hey Love,
    As an interstater I am happy as long as it is easy to get too.
    Accomodation doesn’t have to be attached.
    I would Love some natural light, less claustrophic as lizzie mentioned

    and can I be a real wimp and planet destroyer and ask for air conditioning – I hate March in Ballarat…Sydney will kill me !!!- seriously!

    But you know that no matter what (except for th air conditioning-thats a deal breaker) I will be there….

  6. Gypsy Says:

    (Melbourne girl here)
    1.Prefer CBD venue for public transport options. Don’t mind about craft shops close by.

    2.No prob paying extra for CBD location, $20 isn’t much considering the cost of the interstate travel/accom etc.

    3.Very important to have accomodation attached to the venue – do not want to be lugging sewing machines and mountains of craft stuff all over town on public transport/taxis.

    4. A couple of windows would be nice!

    Another suggestion – I would have loved to keep crafting on the Sunday, is it terribly expensive to hire the craft venue /function room for two days instead of one?

  7. Liesl Says:

    May I place an order for 500 lamingtons?

    I would love to be in the CBD and would happily pay $20 extra. Accomodation attached to the venue sounds good.

    Natural light would be nice, but since I did about 5 minutes of actual craft during S.I.T. I think its a bit disingenous of me to say that its a must!!

  8. Cass Ward Says:

    Jodie that’s what windows are for!
    I’m with you Liesl even though I’d like some natural light I didn’t really do any actual crafting so really my opinion shouldn’t matter.

  9. Kelly Says:

    I’m keen on the lamington drive and a trip O/S, we’d better start now tho, coz we need to sell ALOT of lamingtons! 😉

    If we’re sticking with Sydney, then here’s my 5 cents worth:

    1. CBD location preferred.
    2. Happy to pay a little extra for CBD/Central location.
    3. Onsite accommodation preferred, but not essential so long as other accommodation is available nearby.
    4. I did more talking than crafting, so wasn’t much bothered by lighting/lack of windows.

    I think it would be great to make it a longer get together – Friday shopping, Saturday & Sunday crafting. I think a lot of people didn’t really get to know each other until the Saturday night, and then it was all over.

    I’m TOTALLY with Jodie on the air-conditioning, but airconditioning’s a given in this day and age, right????

    Good luck with your venue hunting Sheridan. I’m sure wherever you pick will be fabulous!

    Oh, while I think of it, can you please email me your addy. Thx. 🙂

  10. andi Says:

    Happy with whatever venue is chosen.
    I’m all about the company!!!!
    Also, happy to pay a bit extra if that helps.
    Sheridan, why don’t you see if you can come up with 2 or 3 options of your own choosing and we can make a decision based on those.
    You did a great job with Melbourne. I trust you!!!

    Trash …. I’ll take a dozen boxes of lamingtons.
    Jodie … suck it up!!!!

  11. Renae Says:

    Hi Sheridan,

    I can’t believe how organised you are, already looking at venues, thanks 🙂

    I would prefer a CBD/Central location and would be happy to pay a bit extra for it. Like Gypsy said, it’s not much extra, especially for those of us coming from another state.

    Ideally the venue would have accommodation, but as long as it was very close to hotels then it would be fine. I wouldn’t want to have a big walk or a bus ride to get from one place to the other, lugging my bags with me.

    The lack of natural light at the Citigate didn’t bother me at all! I’d already chosen the fabrics I was using, and had seen how they worked together, so wasn’t concerned about the artificial light. And when we wanted a bit of fresh air a few of us wandered up the road for a bit.

    I’m sure whatever you decide will be great, or if you’re unsure between a few places you could always get us to vote!

  12. Juddie Says:

    Hi Sheridan,

    1. Happy with whatever seems most inviting and affordable, as long as it’s relatively easy to get to (I’m from Melbourne and don’t know Sydney at all).

    2. I would pay an extra $20 if necessary for an inner-city location, as I know that these are more expensive, and for an out-of-towner like myself, it would enable me to be close to the places that most visitors want to see….

    3. If the venue is relatively central/easily accessible I wouldn’t mind if there were no accommodation directly associated with it. I’m sure there are many options out there for finding accommodation.

    4. I’d love a venue with natural light, but it wouldn’t be a deal-breaker if we couldn’t get one at an affordable rate.

    I’m with Gypsy on her suggestion for a two-day crafting option if at all possible!

    Whatever happens, if it’s anything like the Melbourne SIT it’ll be a blast!

    xx Juddie

  13. Lily M Says:

    CBD is good. North of the bridge is another option – you can get some really good venue/accomm deals and it’s super easy to get there by public transport.

    Manly’s lovely, but there’s not that much in the way of accomm.

    Two days of crafting would be ace, but we’d have to wrap by about 3pm on the Sunday, I reckon.

    Happy to play whatever the set-up – I don’t want to miss this!

  14. Katia Says:

    CBD is perfect. I know one venue that I used to work a few years ago on the conferences: Mint cafe ( I am not sure about there pricing now but they’ve got a beautiful conference room that can fit up to 60 people (maybe more…) and they provide catering with really nice food. The venue is historical and just so nice to be in!!!

    Two days sounds great and I am happy to pay $20 extra.

    Let me know if you need any help!

  15. Karen Says:

    I don’t care if it’s CBD or not Sheridan – somewhere with natural light would be great though.
    And if there were a few cute shops to explore close by that would be fun – they wouldn’t have to be fabric ones to entertain!
    I am happy with somewhere with some character rather then the CBD to be honest.
    Don’t mind about the cost – I’m there whatever!
    I’m another who is not fussed about accom being onsite as long as it was close by.

    Did someone say lamingtons….

  16. Becky Says:

    As long as I am there I don’t care about anything else 🙂

    CBD sounds good as does staying at the venue. Cost does not bother me and I think two days sounds great. Good lighting is good, but good coffee is better 😉

  17. pinkfishbluefish Says:

    Ooh yes, wouldn’t 2 days of crafting be good!

  18. trash Says:

    Hang on. Can we just confirm that the lamington drive is to bring me out for SIT 2011? Its just that I don’t think I can fit everyone into my house…

  19. Tanya Holt Says:

    Oh Trash, you have misunderstood- the lamington drive is so we can over run your ‘village’ – surely someone must have a barn kitted out for our use!!! Isn’t it all about rediscovering- or just hanging out with – our fun, artistic, adventurous selves?? SIT England 2011. Yeah…, certain ring don’t you think. Let’s all SIT in Trah’s lounge room 2011, hmm, that does too. Oh, in my dreams- I am doing my best to save up for a weekend in Sydney.

  20. corrie Says:

    oh you’re a born organiser!

    I’m easy with location but CBD close to the city works best and I know there is cheaper parking on weekends in the city carparks which also makes it great for those of us driving in!

    don’t need natural light, happy to pay an extra $20 to be central and well I have accomm

  21. Maree Says:

    I’m for the CBD..being an ex-sydneysider Transport is accessable…I’ve stayed at the Goldsborough at DH when I’ve come down for the Quilt Shows…Most Hotels in the City have Conference Rooms…Accom close by would be Good too….maybe a Bus Trip out to Material Obsession would top the weekend off…oh yeah Air Con is a Must when Stitching & Chatting…
    Looking Forward to it…

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