What you need to know for next time…

I’ve had a lot of enquiries about when the next Sew It Together will be. Here’s a few things you should know:

  • to attend, you must blog.
  • your blog can be all about craft or occasionally crafty, but there must be some sort of craft featured on your blog.
  • the next event will be in Sydney
  • in March 2011
  • and it will cost more (I did not cover my costs with this one, and the next one has to, or I may be divorced. I’m okay with it, so please don’t worry, but you should know that it won’t be as cheap next year. And you should know that that is the reason, not because I have suddenly decided to make my fortune from you folk).

Any updates, as they happen, will be announced here.


22 Responses to “What you need to know for next time…”

  1. pinkfishbluefish Says:

    Sign me up, I’m there, I’ve already started my 2012 S.I.T savings plan! Renae

  2. Andi Says:

    I would have paid double for what I got!

  3. Elizabeth McMahon Says:

    Me too, sign me up now. I’ve got my savings on the way too, I drove past Ballarat Patchwork today and didn’t go in (had nothing to do with them being closed of course) so I figure that saved me at least 50 dollaroos, transferred it straight away. You certainly have to at least cover your costs, I’m sure that we all would agree on that one…

  4. trash Says:

    oh no. Should we have a whip round to prevent imminent divorce proceedings?

  5. Anna Says:

    I`ll start saving today. Cant wait for the next one.

  6. Sue Says:

    I’ve heard all about it and don’t want to miss out next year. sign me up for 2011 please.

  7. Gypsy Says:

    I’m Andi, I would have paid double for sure.

    And I’m with Trash on the whip around idea, I can’t bear to think you are actually out of pocket 😦

  8. jodie Says:

    Hmm thats not good Sheridan……Next time charge us more plus a bit to cover this years loss…. yes???

  9. Tanya Holt Says:

    Sheridan- I am horrified- I can’t believe you are out of pocket- you definitely should have swiped some of those prizes to compensate in some way- and done the whip around as well!!

  10. chaletgirl Says:

    You are all very lovely, and kind, but I stress to you that it’s really okay.

    Hubby is cool with this year. I learned a lot, and I’ll use that to do it better next year. He’d probably just be super grumpy if I didn’t learn and made the same mistakes again.

    Right now he is very proud of what I did and he loved being with the kids, so I already have my leave pass for next year! Stop worrying!!

    Sometimes, these things are better said earlier rather than later. I’d rather have it on the record now that it will be more expensive, than everyone think next year that I have decided to milk you all based on it’s success. Make sense?

    • Gypsy Says:

      Makes sense Sheridan, thanks for letting us know. Only problem I have now is feeling like I’ve just had the best crafty bloggy time of my life and it was at your expense (literally) 😦 I, for one, would feel much better if I knew you weren’t out of pocket. Whatever you lost will not be much when it’s divided by 60 🙂 I’m still voting for a whip around.

      • chaletgirl Says:

        Aw, Gypsy, it was worth every cent to see your happy face all day! I’m just sorry I missed out on the evening’s ‘activities’!

  11. Jennifer Says:

    Sign me up for next year.

  12. Esther Says:

    I agree, I would happily have paid twice as much, you did such a great job Sheridan. I just hope you enjoyed it as much as we all did.

  13. Melanie Says:

    I missed out this time, so I will definitely be watching this space for next year! Sounds like it was spectacular 🙂

  14. corrie Says:

    yep I’m in! I’ll bring my whole store with me if I have to just to be there!!!!!!!! and I am happy to put in to cover costs for this year, please try to recoup these costs next year if you don’t do it this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you’re a star in all our eyes


  15. Jan Says:

    The Saturday crafty day was worth every cent and more. So sorry to hear you’re out of pocket, Sheridan. I’ll happily pay more next year. It was a fabulous day out .

  16. Juddie Says:

    Hi Sheridan,

    I second all the sentiments expressed here – will happily pay more to cover costs (and make up for this year’s deficit) next year if you’re not comfortable with us doing a whiparound …

    I had a lovely time and will definitely be watching this space to book for the next one 🙂

    Thank you so much again!

    xxx Juddie

  17. Lily Mulholland Says:

    Oh, so we sign up here 🙂

    Like I posted on another page, I’d pay $120 no sweat.

  18. Kim Says:

    How awesome to have one so close to home. I’ll be in for sure no matter what the price might be. It sounds like way too much fun.

  19. Bronwyn Says:

    Hi Sheridan – sorry to be pesky – but is there a date yet in March 2011? I have my school Fair on 27th – of which I am Trash and treasure Stall organiser (read: stressed out and exhausted mum running around after other people’s junk!) I am kinda hoping that it is on the same weekend, so I can pike out of the whole darn 3 day school fair, but seeing as it is my daughter’s last school fair, I would feel v.v. guilty. Not to mention handing the whole shabang over to my husband and waving cheerily goodbye. If another weekend can be an option, I, just one little woman, would like it.

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