Thank You

Thank you everybody.

I’m not really sure what to say other than that.

Thanks for so many gorgeous gifts. You really did spoil me.

Thank you for all the hugs, for the kindness, for the warmth and friendship. Thanks for trusting me. So many of you came such a long way and trusted me to be there at the other end.

Thanks for the joy of watching you get to know each other, laughing together and creating together.

I loved watching Andi help Gypsy make her first quilt top. I loved watching Trash carry Esther‘s baby daughter around so Esther could quilt. I loved seeing the paparazzi go wild over Jodie‘s animals. I loved watching so many of you meet, shriek and hug women that you have long known but never met.

It really was awesome, wasn’t it?

It’s well after midnight and I have a long trip home tomorrow today, but I really don’t know how I am expected to get to sleep…..

Thank you.


34 Responses to “Thank You”

  1. andi Says:

    Thank YOU so much Sheridan.
    We all had a ball!!!!

  2. jodie Says:

    ThankYOU sheridan,
    You did something big and you stretched out community out in a real way.
    I would like to apply to become a life-long member !

  3. thornberry Says:

    Sheridan, the thanks go to you! Super!

  4. Elizabeth McMahon Says:

    What they all said!!
    Thank YOU….. I had a ball and yes I’m in for lifetime membership too.
    Roll on Sydney!!!

  5. Nikki Says:

    You really did create something magical and I don’t think you can be thanked enough.

  6. CurlyPops Says:

    It was such an amazing event, and ran so smoothly. You oughtta be congratulated on a job magnificently well done!

  7. Claire - Matching Pegs Says:

    Thanks so much Sheridan.

    It was a lovely day, that went far too quickly. Thanks to all the sponsors too – I am still going through all my goodies!

  8. bec Says:

    You had a little idea and look what happened! It won’t ever be forgotten (how do we get rid of so many photos heehee)

  9. fi Says:

    thank you Sheridan for doing so much hard work and bringing so many lovely ladies together, cant wait till next year:)

  10. Holly - Two Cheese Please Says:

    No thank YOU Sheridan! I don’t think any of us truly understand the mountain of work you did to organise this event and have it come off so smoothly! We were just grateful to turn up and have a fantastic day of eating, crafting, chatting, and connecting. But it must have been a massive task that you did just because you’re ace and love this community – and we’re all grateful for your work!

    Sign me up for a life long membership too, hehe!

  11. Karen Says:

    It was amazing Sheridan, you and Donna did an absolute mountain of work.
    Thank you for giving us all the opportunity to make real connections with many who would otherwise have remained only virtual friends.
    Can’t wait til next year.

  12. Katia Says:

    Thanks so much Sheridan for all the work you’ve done! I had a great time! It’s a shame I didn’t feel well and could not come to the dinner:( I am sure it was a great evening! Anyway, it was a great trip! Looking forward to the next year’s SIT!

  13. Deborah Says:

    Thanks so much Sheridan. It was great to meet lots of lovely Australian bloggers and it made me feel quite ‘at home’! What fantastic talent you all have!!

  14. julie Says:

    Thank you too!!!! You did an amazing job bringing us all together.

  15. Carmel Says:

    ThankYOU so much Sheridan for such an awesome weekend. You are an amazing person to have put the whole thing together so perfectly.

  16. Gypsy Says:

    There are not enough words to thank you properly for the gift you have given us Sheridan – this was so much more than anyone expected. Yours is a special kind of awesome-ness.
    **Puts hand up waving madly for Lifetime Membership**

  17. Liesl Says:

    I’m sure we don’t know the half of the hours you must have put into organising Sew It Together. What a fabulous thing you did bringing everyone together. Thank you very much for providing a such a fun, memorable weekend. xox

  18. Anna Says:

    I cant say thank you enough, i had a fantastic time and met so many talented and fantastic people. I cant wait till Sydney. xo

  19. Helen Says:

    Dying to see everyones snaps! Well done Sheridan!!! Next year…..

  20. corrie Says:

    no we thank you! oh my goodness, its going to take me 3-4 blog posts to do it justice but I’ve done my first!

    you did an awesome job and you just yell out if you need a hand next year but I’m there with bells on and can’t wait!


  21. Kristine Says:

    Where have I been hiding to miss hearing about this? I am known for my vagueness, but I usually snap out of it when a bit of crafting is afoot. I will have to read back over your archives to find out all about it. Sounds like a lovely event. Clever you for putting it together.

  22. Tanya Holt Says:

    Sheridan, what they all said- you should feel very proud of yourself and your helping buddies for pulling off such an event. extrememly top effort, I had the happiest day and loved getting to know some of my bloggy friends in real life and enjoyed interesting and meaningful conversations and connections…oh, and did a small amount of crafting!!

  23. trash Says:

    Oh indeedy what a fabulous weekend. I too echo the copious thanks and gratitude headed yours and Donna’s direction. As for carrying around Senior Management, don’t tell her mama but to be honest it was entirely selfishly motivated. That and Senior Managament really wanted to see what everyone was up to.

  24. trash Says:

    Is one able to apply for lifetime, long-distance membership?

  25. Gypsy Says:

    Trash – no, you can’t. You’ll just have to come back next year.

  26. Renae Says:

    Thankyou Sheridan & Donna you have done such an amazing job putting together the whole weekend. It was such a blast and even better than I expected! It was the fun-est weekend ever! I am definately putting my hand up for a life long membership too! Renae

  27. Kelly Says:

    THANK YOU!!!!! Thanks soooooooo much for organising such a fantastic bloggy get together. You and Donna did an amazing job, and everyone had an absolute blast. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – YOU ROCK!!!

    I’m saving for Sydney already, and have my hand up for lifelong membership too.

    Enjoy a well-earned rest Sheridan. You’ll need it, coz now word is out about how fantastic SIT 2010 was, I’m sure 2011 will be bigger than ever!!! You might need to book a convention centre to hold the masses.

    Big hugs and ginormous thanks!
    Kelly 🙂

  28. Susan L Says:

    i had the most fabolous time, and it was wonderful meeting everybody. it all went so smoothly which is entirely down to you and i’m so looking forward to next year.

  29. Steph Mc Says:

    Just wanted to say thanks to YOU! I had great fun and really appreciate all the work and energy you and everyone put into it. Thanks again!

  30. Drewzel Says:

    Thank you! I had great fun and really appreciate all the effort you and everyone else put into it! Steph Mc

  31. Gem Says:

    Wow I’ve just had a look at the photo’s and it looks like you all had such an awesome time!!!!!!

    I hope that you will have another one soon as I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to come and play!

  32. Toni Says:

    A slightly late but nevertheless big thank you from me too x

  33. Jan Says:

    Huge thanks from me too, Sheridan. It was such a great day; don’t think have ever laughed so much and stitched so little! You are a genius organiser. Thanks again. And yes, I’d love to come next year.

  34. Bianca Jae Says:

    Very very belated but ever so massive THANK YOU!!! Seriously was the best weekend I have ever had. Excluding birth of kids and marriage to hubby of course 😉 I have never laughed so much in all my adult life. Never spent so much money on myself EVER! A thousand thank you’s to you, Sheridan and your lovely family for supporting your fabulous idea. Sign me up for next year!! Will be there with bells on 🙂 xox

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