Some fairly nice gifts from Snailblazer!

I received a text message from Cass yesterday….

Cass:  I have gifts for everyone, can you come and pick them up?

Me: Already have a bag as big as a house….can you bring?

Cass: I am not checking luggage. Don’t even have room for a needle and thread.

Me: They better be good gifts. Are you sure they will want them?

Cass: Yes.

Me: Really good? Cos they are already getting a lot of good stuff.

Cass: YES


So I popped on over to Cass’ house this morning and picked up her teeny-tiny boxes of (albeit heavy) gifts.

Me: Not sure they are any good. Nobody will want them.

Cass: Yes they will want them. Just take them.

Me: Not very nice. Will just keep them all and find a use for them myself.

Cass: I know where you live. Have a good trip down.

Me: This time tomorrow I will be there.

Cass: Don’t rub it in.

Me: Have to clear out all the good stuff from the op-shops before you get there.


So here’s what I picked up from Cass this morning….

60 Moleskin notebooks with vintage children’s illustrations stitched (by Cass) to the front.

Crap, huh? It’s okay. I will just keep them all for myself. Wouldn’t want to burden you all……

PS Thanks, Cass. They don’t look too bad at all.   🙂


22 Responses to “Some fairly nice gifts from Snailblazer!”

  1. Cass Ward Says:

    Ha I should have made you pick up my Sample Swap goodies too then you would have had something to complain about.

  2. Carmel Says:

    Ooh! Tawny, Scrawny Lion! How are we going to be able to keep our kids away from these, they are gorgeous!

  3. MoederKip Says:

    Hmmm, yeah, you’re right. Nobody will want them.
    But it’s not fair that you’re stuck looking after it all. Just send them my way 😉


  4. Kelly Says:

    Oh no you don’t Sheridan, I’ll definitely be wanting one of those! How cute are they?

    I bags the one with the deer, or the owl, or the dogs, or the lion, or the mouse, or the …….

    Thanks Cass, these little notebooks definitely aren’t crap! LOL 😉

    Enjoy the op shops Sheridan! See you on Friday. Oh, BTW, if we are coming on the shopping trip on Friday, do we need to RSVP to Nikki’s shindig, or have you let her know the bus numbers?

    Thanks! 🙂

  5. pinkfishbluefish Says:

    Far out Cass, I can’t believe you’ve made enough fairly nice gifts for everyone! The look great, can’t wait to see them for real. Renae

  6. Susie Says:

    Thank you Cass – what a star – just so lovely!

  7. sophie Says:

    She is insane! She has made sooooo much stuff! Thanks Cass.

  8. Andi Says:

    Completely crap.
    If necessary, I’ll take them all to the local tip (aka my place!!))

  9. Tinniegirl Says:

    Oh those are cool. You know I’m only coming for all the goodies now, not the stitching at all!!!!

  10. julie Says:

    Unbelievable. I’m happy to help you “dispose” of them.

  11. Jo Says:

    I think we’ll all need new luggage to get everything home after this weekend!

  12. Tanya Holt Says:

    phew, she’s shown us a photo now so she has to share! THANKS Cass x

  13. Lisa Says:

    They’re all terrible. I’ll have to take them all and “dispose” of them.

  14. jodie Says:

    Ok, so i have had a big week and I have wrenched some weird muscle in my back and work sux and i am exhausted….but that just makes me want to go a bit weepy…..
    I am just hanging onto my sanity for Saturday!

  15. jodie Says:

    oooh, and I have sent all the patterns to Nikki as well for you to collect on Friday night…

  16. Belinda Says:

    Wow…such generosity of goods and time. They all look great! What a big stash of kids illustrations/books you must have!

  17. Karen Says:

    Cass they are amazing! I see pictures from three books I remember as a kid – what was that fat lady from – a firemans book I think??
    And of course the Tawny scrawny lion!

  18. Cathy Says:

    I am beyond excited – and your updates are making me drool! I worked at SnC show here in Melbs over the weekend and met a handful of others coming, so it’ll be great to walk in and recognise a few faces. I was too late for the swap, so have made my own name tag 🙂

  19. thornberry Says:

    Oh squeal! Cass, that’s superb – wow, how generous!

  20. trash Says:


  21. Cate Says:

    Wow Cass! Legend!

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