Friday Fabric Shopping Bus Trip

This one is for the ladies coming on the bus trip!

The bus will be departing at 12:45pm sharp on Friday from the front of the Citigate Hotel at 270 Flinders Street, Melbourne.

Please note that this time has been brought forward by 15 minutes to accommodate the extra travel involved in getting to Ink & Spindle. The majority voted to drop GJ’s Discount Fabrics. I wish we had time for both, but I think you chose well in picking Ink & Spindle. Teegs and Lara are excited to have us and will be able to show you a demo print run.

I think that part is worth the trip to Melbourne alone!

I have spoken to the girls who are arriving the latest into Melbourne and we have them all sorted. If you think that 12:45pm is tight for you too, and you would like my mobile phone number to communicate on the day, please feel free to email me at and I will pass it to you.

If you miss the bus, you may want to catch up via a taxi to Amitie at 281 Centre Road, Bentleigh. We’ll be there for about 40 minutes. Their phone number is (03) 9557 8551 in case you really get stuck.

Don’t forget that the bus does not return to the hotel. The bus will deposit us at Nikki’s studio in Brunswick and your return trip to the hotel, or onwards for dinner, or whatever you have planned, will be at your own expense.

That’s about all I can think of that I need to tell you. If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I will answer it below for everyone else to read too.

8 sleeps to go!


2 Responses to “Friday Fabric Shopping Bus Trip”

  1. thornberry Says:

    Sheridan, what time are you expecting to be at Ink & Spindle? I’d love to meet you there if I can (I’m not going on the bus trip). Shall need to offload my kids after school, but it may/should be possible.

  2. angelicone Says:

    I just know it will be a fantastic weekend! I am very jealous that I am unable to make it – Maybe next year!!!!!

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