Fat Quarterly

Have you heard about the new eZine, Fat Quarterly?

The first issue is due for release on April 27th and there is much excitement and anticipation in blogland. I can’t wait to see the sewing projects that have been contributed by some of my favourite craft bloggers. You can see some sneak peeks already over at the Flickr group.

Kate and her fellow Fat Quarterly founders (Tacha, Katy, John, Brioni and Aneela) have offered two copies of the first issue of Fat Quarterly as prizes at the Saturday Crafting Session!

If you miss out in Melbourne, you can buy your own copy here.

Thank you so much to all the Fat Quarterly gang! We appreciate your generosity, and look forward to checking out the first issue next week. Hope all goes well with the launch!


2 Responses to “Fat Quarterly”

  1. jodie Says:

    I do seem to recall using the term “bigger than Ben Hur” waaaaay back….

    You are doing an amazing job !

  2. kate Says:

    Thanks Sheridan! Glad you are excited – we are too!!

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