Bookings Open Tomorrow

Just a reminder, in case you had forgotten, that tomorrow is March 1st and I’ll be accepting payments for the Sew It Together events.

Now I know that some of you are in a frenzy about missing out. You won’t. Well, not if you pay in the next week or two. My comments about waiting lists were directed towards those who might not pay until later in March or April. These spots may fill by then. But not next week. (At least, I highly doubt it…..I suppose I should never say never).

For example, there about 18 people interested in the bus trip, so I booked a bus to hold 24. There were about 40 people interested in dinner, so I booked a space to hold 50.

Those magical 6 or 10 extra people aren’t going to appear in the next couple of days. Remember, they need my bank account, and they haven’t surfaced just yet.

Okay? So don’t go worrying. Just forward your money when you can.

And remember to include your name as a reference please! Don’t put Sew It Together as the reference. Trust me, I know what you’re paying for. I need your name.

I don’t think I ever came back to you about the extra $10 for incidentals, did I? Thank you very much to everyone who sent such supportive and encouraging emails about that. Nobody came forward to say they weren’t happy with it, and instead I received much positive feedback. So I am going ahead with that and I thank you for your support.

See this post here for full details of payments due, but to summarise:

  1. $25 for the Friday Fabric Shopping trip
  2. $50.90 for Saturday Night Dinner
  3. $10 for incidentals (compulsory – except if you are only attending the dinner, then this is optional)
  4. $20 for balance of the Saturday Crafting Session

That’s $105.90 if you are paying for everything.

It will take me quite a bit of time to match up payments and names and email addresses, so expect a confirmation by this time next week. If you paid and haven’t heard from me by Sunday night, then please contact me…I will probably be looking for an owner for a stray payment.

Thank you everyone!

(Oh and thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has filled out the form from the previous post so quickly. I loved reading your responses! If you haven’t already done so, please go and fill it out. We don’t want a big blank next to your name!)


10 Responses to “Bookings Open Tomorrow”

  1. Claire - Matching Pegs Says:

    Thanks for all the wonderful organising work you are doing – It is getting closer – so exciting.

  2. Kelly Says:

    Hi Sheridan

    Thanks so much for pulling this awesome event together, I can’t wait!

    Our Internet is down atm, so I’m using the hubby’s IPhone to write this, which is taking forever! I also used his phone to transfer payment tonight, coz he’ll be at work tomorrow. I put my name in as payment reference. I’ll get my “about me” form to you later this week.

    Kelly ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Bianca Says:

    Well turns out I did stay up to midnight but not to deposit the money, we leave in 4 days for a wedding and I’m still finishing the flower girl dresses!! So since I’m up, money has been sent ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks so much for all your hard work! xox

  4. Bronwyn Says:

    I’ve paid! Didn’t do the midnight run, so hopefully still all good!

  5. Jo Says:

    Cash transferred. Thanks very much, can’t wait!!

  6. donna Says:

    I can’t believe I remembered to pay in time. I was sure I was going to forget.

  7. Megs Says:

    Just wondered if there is still places available in the Saturday session? I realise I am leaving this a bit late, but it totally slipped my mind. I would be coming from Adelaide if that makes a difference?

  8. mandykt Says:

    I’ve paid, yay counting the days ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Lisa Says:

    Also wondering if there are spaces left for everything for another interstate-er (Sydney). Trying to convince hubby we need to come down!

  10. Tanya Says:

    HI Sheirdan, I’ve paid. Yey, thanks for organising this.

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