Hotel, schmotel

I received a somewhat distressing email this morning from the Radisson to say that they were terribly sorry, but they had double booked our room and there was a wedding reception booked into OUR room and could we reschedule the date?

Well, no, I said and thank you very much. I was polite in my reply, but I think I was less polite to my poor computer screen.

But look, Melbourne might have a million and one great restaurants, but it also has a million and one great hotels and it didn’t take me long to find an alternative venue.

Our event will now be held at the Citigate Melbourne hotel. It has recently been refurbished and the prices are good and the events co-ordinator is lovely and triple-checked the date upon my insistence with good grace and humour.

The location is excellent. Opposite Flinders St Station, and easy walking distance to Federation Square, Southbank, Melbourne’s shopping district, Tessuti and Buttonmania.

Citigate is charging us purely on a per person basis with no room hire charge and the cost is $55 per person for the same catering inclusions.

We have lost the head and shoulder massage which the Radisson was providing, but if you had your heart set on that (oh, I did!) let me know and I will talk to the Citigate about getting someone in.

I am going to continue to collect $35 as the deposit, as so many of you have already paid that amount and I want to be consistent. But it’s nice to know now that the maximum cost will be $55.

I have updated all the pages on the right with the new information. Also, the hotel rooms are cheaper. Win, win, win.

I am sorry about the change. I hope it doesn’t inconvenience anyone who was coming from the other side of the city or anyone who particularly wanted to stay at the Radisson.

I promise that the Saturday Crafting Session will be much more fun than that stupid wedding.

See you at the Citigate!


6 Responses to “Hotel, schmotel”

  1. corrie Says:

    cool! sounds great! wow I’ve missed so much in 1 day of not reading the blog!!!!!!!!!!!

    walking distance to tessuti’s is fab!!!! great location and more central actually!


  2. Bohemian « Chaletgirl Says:

    […] got me all riled up, but I managed to put out the fire and all is well again. You can read more here. If you […]

  3. thornberry Says:

    Sheridan, that’s a GREAT location! All us Melbournites can get there even more easily than the other by public transport and it’s right in the centre of everything. Also not far to Clegs, Kimono House is in the same building as Buttonmania right near by – it will be excellent and thanks so much for rearranging everything.

  4. donna Says:

    You ARE a legend. I am going to have to do some extra shifts just to cover the shopping on this trip!!!

  5. Andi Says:

    Nicely saved Miss Chalet Girl!!!

  6. Helen Says:

    Less money on room = more money for fabric!!!

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